Vegan Support

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Combat your nutritional deficiencies

Nutritional supplement made with all the nutrients and micronutrients necessary to help balance and complement the diet of all those who may present an energy or nutrient deficiency in vegan eating environments, regular sports or women in a stage of pregnancy

  • Gluten-free, allergen-free, lactose-free, suitable for vegans
  • 5 patents included (BevGrand, Creatine Magna Power, Carnipure, Ferrochel, Albion)
  • Ideal for people with nutritional deficiencies for various reasons
  • Contains essential amino acids
  • Especially recommended for athletes

How to take it

your improvement process

Learn in detail how Vegan Support helps you over time.

  • WEEK 1


    A week after starting to take Vegan Support, you will feel more energetic and vital, as well as with the peace of mind that you are providing your body with everything it needs without complications.

  • month 1

    cognitive focus & harmony

    From the first 30 days , begins the stage where you can identify how your mind and body feel in harmony, thanks to a perfect and complete combination of natural ingredients.

  • month 2

    vitality & energy

    This is the phase of reinforcement and boost of vitality and energy, where they are revealed significant results, decreases tiredness and muscular fatigue and increases mental agility and physical resistance.

  • month 4

    strength & performance

    “Gold” phase, in which energy, strength and motivation will be your essence. You will begin to go through a remarkable change in your physical and cognitive performance, manifested in the speed of actions and the ability to make confident decisions.

Evita déficits nutricionales

Vegan Support has been specially formulated to complement the lack of certain nutrients that may not be covered by food, thus avoiding deficiencies that may affect health in general.

There are nutritional imbalances for various reasons, not necessarily due to following a vegan diet. Vegan Support is a product to complement and help meet the nutritional demands that your body needs to be strong, active and vital.

Mejora el rendimiento deportivo

Formulated with the combination of the active components: taurine, carnitine and creatine, together with amino acids, it provides the body with great benefits to improve the activation of energy metabolism and the recovery of your muscle mass.

The inclusion ofcomplex vitamins B (B1,B2,B3,B6,B12), plays a vital role in avoiding pathologies uteas such as anemia, muscle weakness or fatigue, as well as like others very common among people who follow a vegan diet.

Mejora el foco cognitivo y la memoria

The set of essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and omega 3 included makes an ideal environment to improve attention and memory .

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Get to know the Vegan Support formula


The American Dietetic Association states that properly planned vegetarian diets are healthy, nutritionally adequate and may be beneficial for the prevention and treatment of some diseases. However, these types of diets can be deficient in certain nutrients when they are not planned well or not being able to absorb certain nutrients, that is why the Be Levels team has developed a unique formula, highly rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids and fundamental trace elements to correctly balance and maintain all the body's functions.

It is a product that provides benefits in a very short time. All its complete formula of nutrients will provide effects of a feeling of vitality, energy and greater strength, in addition to improving concentration and cognitive focus.

It is necessary that you consume the supplement every every day, maintaining the indicated dose for at least 3 months.

You can consume it for 12 weeks continuously. Then we recommend that you have your consumption evaluated by a professional to evaluate progress and consider next steps.

Take a dose of 10g (one scoop) in 250ml of water per day.

Customer Reviews

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Test Tech
Magnífico para mi que soy vegano

Me aporta todo lo que necesito para tener una alimentación 100% vegana y equilibrada, compré un bote para probar y hoy me he pedido 3. ¡Gracias Be Levels por esta magnífica fórmula!

Melissa Guerreiro-Adanjo

dura muy poco..

Muy recomendable

Nos lo recomendó nuestra nutricionista y nos ha ido genial a los dos. Mucha más energía y vitalidad! Asombroso!

B. Rosillo

Lo probé y he repetido 2 veces. Me parece un excelente suplemento y se nota la diferencia

Buen producto

El sabor está muy bueno, refrescante y también saciante. La orina la tiñe del amarillo de la mezcla. Las sensaciones a la hora de recuperar los entrenos parece que van a mejor y llego menos cansado al final del día.

Vegan Support
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