Tricks to avoid a hangover

Christmas parties, a special celebration or a meeting with friends are some of the events in which it is common for us to drink more alcohol than normal, which can cause us to find ourselves suffering what is known as a hangover the day after them. . Can you achieve not having it? Sure, not drinking alcohol at all. But you also have to know that there are tricks to avoid a hangover even if you consume this type of drink. And precisely those are the ones that we are now going to introduce you to in this article, so take note.

Most common hangover symptoms

Hours after having drunk more alcohol than is normally ingested, it is very common for us to have a hangover. And it manifests itself through symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach ache, diarrhea and even more sensitivity to noise and light. However, you can also suffer others such as muscle cramps, tachycardia, tremor or difficulty falling asleep. Symptoms that are a consequence of the fact that alcoholic beverages cause us to dehydrate, that our blood vessels dilate, that our blood sugar levels drop and that our cardiac and nervous systems are altered, for example. know-symptoms-hangover

Recommendations to avoid a hangover

Of course, no one wants to suffer all the consequences that having too much drinks brings with it, but this, sometimes, is irremediable for it to happen after a celebration. For this reason, what you have to do is take prior measures that can prevent us from suffering from a hangover. And among them are the following tips to avoid having a hangover:

1.Drink water

As we have mentioned, alcohol favors us dehydrating, yes, that we more easily eliminate the water that is part of our body. And this ends up bringing with it headaches and a feeling of fatigue, among other 'hungover' symptoms. Precisely for this reason, it must be taken into account that it is advisable to drink a glass of water between drinks. Of course, because good hydration will be maintained and it will be difficult for those discomforts to appear.

2. Eat while you drink

Another recommendation to avoid suffering from the problem at hand is to eat while drinking alcohol. Thanks to this simple gesture, it will be possible not only to reduce the irritation that alcohol produces in the stomach, but also to encourage the body to better absorb alcohol.

3.Trust the Be Levels Combo

Of course, it is important that you know that another trick to avoid a hangover is to trust the product that we have recently incorporated into Be Levels. It responds to the name of Combo and is made up of: meet-anti-hangover-combo With this set of elements and following the indicated shot you will be able to reach the objective around which this article revolves. And it is that said combo prevents gases, reflux and heaviness while helping to improve digestion, among other things.

4. Do not mix drinks

Likewise, in this list of useful tips to avoid having a hangover, we cannot fail to include that it is important not to drink different types of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, it is also established that as much as possible, one should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages accompanied by soft drinks. Why? Because the latter increase sugar in our body and this means an increase in the molecule known as lactate that favors the appearance of some of the hangover symptoms already exposed. But there is another important fact to keep in mind and that is that white alcoholic beverages, such as gin, are considered to cause less hangover than dark ones, such as whiskey or rum.

5. Recommended foods

Last but not least, it is clear that it is advisable both during the celebration, to the extent possible, and in the hours after it to eat foods that promote metabolism, that do not irritate the stomach and that eliminate toxins. of alcohol. What are these products? Well, from the asparagus to the eggs and the ginger. Of course, without forgetting that a light soup or broth is also always a good option. meet-eggs-food-hangover You already have all the keys to avoid suffering from a hangover. It only remains in your hand to put them into practice.
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