Energy 3

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Maximum energy throughout the training or sports activity

A unique formulation in the sports supplementation market has arrived to guarantee your energy during training or sports competitions. Aimed at the most demanding people with their sports disciplines. Ideal for efforts of high intensity or long duration

  • Target: Pre or intra-workout
  • Protects your stomach with digestive enzymes (Digezyme®)
  • Mix of carbohydrates of various glycemic indices
  • It provides you with the 9 essential amino acids
  • Gluten free
  • Formulated and tested with the support of Olympic athletes
  • Ideal to combine with Keto Sport on long workouts
  • Lemon flavor

How to take it

Instant energy in 3 times

ENERGY 3 provides you the energy necessary to achieve your maximum performance in a fast and effective way.

This energy is optimized thanks to the supply of carbohydrates absorbed in 3 times. The selected carbohydrate mix improves the bioavailability of each carbohydrate molecule thanks to its different glycemic indices.

Improves performance and prevents dehydration

Providing the main energy substrates that will be used during the activity, ENERGY 3 allows you to maintain intensity throughout the exercise. 

In addition, it prevents mineral deficits and replenishes essential amino acids, something that makes it useful as an intra-workout supplement. in any modal sports ity, and especially in those of high and long duration. 

Aerobic or anaerobic? Both!

CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, Acetyl L-carnitine: These two compounds are intended to optimize anaerobic performance (with beta-alanine, avoiding excess acidity) and aerobic performance. ;bico (with Acetyl-L-carnitine, favoring the transport of fats in the mitochondria).

In this way, in a single supplement, we stimulate and provide the t three types of energy substrates: fats, carbohydrates , and proteins.  


Meet Energy 3 formula


Other pre- and intra-workout drinks promise to boost your performance, but it's hard to find such a complete formulation. ENERGY 3 takes every possible aspect into account and has been formulated by doctors and nutritionists backed by real athletes. Plus, it's super easy to take and it tastes good. Take your performance to the top!

You will notice better tolerance to effort, less fatigue and greater performance during your training or competitions.

It is a specific supplement for training and competitions.No it is necessary if there is no physical activity that day.

Yes, since it contains carbohydrates and amino acids.

It is taken before training. Although it would not have a contraindication, it does not make much sense take it with food.

If your goal is to improve sports performance or if your diet is lacking/low in foods or nutrients involved in sports performance, such as carbohydrate intake, ENERGY 3 becomes a key aid in your training. It will also be if you need extra energy for your performance.

Yes, there is no contraindication except medical recommendation.

To perform properly as an athlete, and to be healthy, it is necessary and essential to lead a good lifestyle. This entails good sports planning, proper rest and a good diet based on whole vegetables. Unfortunately, with today's pace of life, it is not always possible to do everything correctly, and that is why it is interesting to have aids such as ENERGY 3. If you are also following a nutritional protocol that is different from normal needs, it can help you achieve energy levels and micronutrients that can be compromised.

ENERGY 3 is made from natural ingredients and, although there are no contraindications in taking it, if you have any serious pathology it must be supervised by a health professional. Our recommendation is that you take it under your medical and professional advice.

Customer Reviews

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Paula Martín Clares

Energy 3

Powerful energy boost (sustained) with a very nice texture and not too sweet

Triathlon use (long rides 90-120 kms). Very impressed with this product as my energy levels didn't dwindle at all while at the same time I could almost feel the impact of every sip of the drink, in the way you can get a bit of a rush from an energy gel (though this can be a bit psychological too). Looking forward to see more products (more flavours and energy gels) from this young but ambitious sports brand!


Me aporta un xute de energia siempre,lo recomiendo siempre en mi entorno.

Tamar González
Gran producto!!

Ha sido un gran acierto! Cuando necesito energía extra siempre examino meticulosamente los productos y su origen debido a la cantidad de problemas digestivos que podemos sugrir durante pruebas de larga duración. Y sin duda ENERGY3 ha sido un 10!!! Fácil y rápida digestión, sin pesadez y con la energía extra para tener Gas!!

Calidad en su formulación

Pocas marcas cuidan tanto la formulación de sus productos, me sorprendió su calidad, sabor y capacidad de absorción de los hidratos sin problemas estomacales . Muy recomendable. Chapeau

Energy 3
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