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Keto Sport

Keto Sport

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High Performance Keto Training

Your perfect ally for sports and activities in environments where energy efficiency is sought using fats as a long-lasting energy source. Ideal for you to start your training sessions avoiding the entrenched loads of carbohydrates and sugars

Content: 330 g

  • Contributed to the achievement of a Guinness Record
  • Contains MCT from coconut
  • Provides you with the 9 essential amino acids
  • Gluten-free
  • Formulated and tested with the support of Olympic athletes
  • 2 patents included. Delios and Albion
  • Ideal to combine with Energy 3 for large workouts
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Can it be combined with Energy 3?

Omar Tayara's experience
  • Omar Tayara

    "My workouts are based on Keto Sport and Energy 3 from Be Levels. Yes, they can be combined depending on the type of training we want to do. I'll explain how.

What they say about Keto Sport

The most demanding
  • Pablo Fernández

    For my last Guinness World Record of 104 kilometers swum in 24 hours in a counter-current pool, the best choice was Keto Sport by Be levels. My performance was boosted and I was able to successfully complete my goal.

How is it taken?

Our general recommendations
  • Dosage of 22g (2 scoops) dissolved in 500 ml of water

  • Take before or during training to replenish lost nutrients and water.

  • It can show its effectiveness from the first shot, and in all subsequent shots.

Keto Fitness

Benefits in your pre & during training

Better sports performance

It improves performance and sports performance thanks to the contribution of energy substrates that are going to be spent during the activity. In addition, it avoids mineral deficiencies and provides essential amino acids, being useful as a pre-workout supplement in any sport modality.

2 in one

Keto Sport is a multipurpose sports supplement that provides you with energy (clean, fast, constant and prolonged) and improves protein synthesis thanks to its amino acids. It also improves the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, thanks to its contribution in medium chain triglycerides and Acetyl L-carnitine, improving body recomposition.

More energy and less exhaustion

It supplies the necessary energy to avoid exhaustion and muscle catabolism due to lack of substrates. It also optimizes the entry of energy substrates into the cell. This is thanks to the supply of minerals that are necessary for the maintenance of homeostasis at the cellular level.

Discover all the power of Keto Sport

  • Greater resistance

    The consumption of magnesium, present in Keto Sport, is essential to compensate for the loss that will occur during training. This mineral is also essential to improve muscle contractility, a capacity that gives the athlete greater elasticity, resistance and tolerance to effort, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Powder in transparent vegetable doses. Does not contain titanium dioxide.

Easy and smooth transit through the digestive system.

quality ingredients

Meet the Keto Sport Master Formula
  • Essential amino acids

    Main amino acids (L-leucine, L-lysine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-histidine, L-phinylalanine, L-threonine, L-tryptophan, L-methionine) in their maximum degree of bioavailability, guaranteeing a correct absorption of nutrients, the repair of body tissues and the transmission of muscle contraction and maintenance of the balance of acids and bases of the organism.

  • MCTs (Delios®)

    Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) (Delios®). Ideal supplement for the ketogenic diet, as it allows to obtain energy quickly avoiding the intestinal digestion of fatty acids. They favor thermogenesis and the excess energy provided by fats in the form of medium chain triglycerides, therefore, is not effectively stored as fat, it is oxidized, or colloquially said 'burned'.

  • Acetyl L-carnitine

    A molecule that functions as a transporter of fatty acids into the mitochondria, which are responsible for energy production in cells. It activates aerobic carbohydrate metabolism, improves oxygen utilization efficiency, and increases androgen receptors for enhanced recovery and increased muscle mass after intense training.

  • Magnesium (Albion®)

    Magnesium (Mg) (26.66% NRV*), Magnesium Bisglycinate (Albion®). Improves the well-being of the body in different aspects. We have added magnesium to the formula to compensate for losses during training, as it is essential for muscle contractility. Adequate levels of magnesium can help you feel more energetic and relieve fatigue.

  • Delios® MCT

    The medium chain triglycerides of the Delios® patent ensure the highest quality of their production for both sports nutrition and general health.

  • Albion®

    Albion® quality is conferred by meticulousness, manufacturing with the utmost care and subjecting its products to the strictest controls, thus offering a special magnesium of the highest quality.

Frequent questions

Made by our clients

Why is this Be levels product better than others in the same category?

Simply because there is no other like it. Keto sport is a supplement that provides energy without sugars and essential nutrients for sports performance and subsequent recovery of the body after a demanding event, without relying on excitants, caffeine, excipients or unnecessary additives. It is designed for winners, who know they need to flex their metabolism so their body can easily access fat stores. That is why Keto Sport has a Guinness record behind it and Olympic athletes have been involved in its formulation. It contains two patents (Albion and Delios).

How will the product work for me? When will I feel something?

Within 5-10 minutes the nutrients are absorbed by the body providing the above mentioned advantages.

Should I consume it every day?

It will depend on your training and intensity. It can be consumed every day you exercise.

Do you break the fast?

Yes, because it contains amino acids and fatty acids.

Can I take it along with Energy3 or Keto Powder shakes?

Yes, they are perfectly compatible

For how long can I take it?

It has no time limitation. You can take it in the moments in which for sport or dietetic requirements it can be useful to make up for possible deficiencies.

How much should I take?

22 gr in 1 glass of water or at least dissolved in 250 ml. It can be dissolved in a larger amount of water perfectly and its taste will be milder. Bag of 330 g for 15 shots.

At what time of day do I have to take it? Can I accompany it with food?

It is taken before and/or during workouts. There is no contraindication to consume it with solid food to reach the target energy requirement.

Why should I include this product in my day to day? What benefits will it bring me?

Keto Sport was created to meet the needs of athletes who do not want to rely on large amounts of glucose or dietary carbohydrates and, above all, who train in sports with high energy demand, such as endurance and many long-distance aerobic sports, such as triathletes or marathon runners. It is ideal for people who are following a low carbohydrate diet, or a ketogenic diet, and want to supplement to get more energy while respecting their macronutrients and also adding minerals needed by everyone with such sporting demands.

Can I take it with other supplements?

There is no contraindication unless medically recommended.

Wouldn't just food be enough?

To perform well as an athlete and be healthy it is necessary and essential to lead a good lifestyle, this involves a good sports planning, proper rest and a good diet based on whole vegetables. Unfortunately, with the current pace of life it is not always possible to fulfill everything correctly, and that is why it is interesting to count on aids such as Keto Sport. If, in addition, you are following a nutritional protocol different from the normal needs, it can help you reach the energy and micronutrient levels that may be compromised.

How do I know if I should take this product?

If your goal is to improve sports performance. If your diet is lacking/low in foods or nutrients involved in sports performance, such as carbohydrates, it becomes a key aid in your training or if you need extra energy for your performance.

In case of pathologies or complex situations, can I take it?

Keto Sport is made from all-natural ingredients and, although there are no contraindications in its intake, if you have any serious pathology it must be supervised by a health professional. Our recommendation is that you take it under medical and professional advice.

Why have you used sucralose in this product?

The result of the combination of natural ingredients we have chosen for this product resulted in a beverage with a complex flavor in its initial stages. Of all the options we have been able to investigate to build a pleasant intake, sucralose is the one that has allowed us to achieve the best flavor with the lowest grammage in product, thanks to its great sweetening power. Analyzing the studies and evidence in this regard, it is clearly observed that intakes tremendously higher than those included in this product are necessary to be able to appreciate harmful effects on the microbiota. This solution seems more attractive to us than the idea of introducing other sweeteners that require much higher doses to achieve a similar effect, even though they may enjoy a better reputation, often unfounded.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Natalia P.F. (Madrid, ES)
Creo que tomaré este producto durante...: Solo este mes
Recomendaría este producto a un amigo que lo necesite: SI, lo recomendaría
El mejor pre-entreno ever!

Sin azúcares y notando muchísima energía! Salud y rendimiento a tope :)

Victor P.B. (Morales de Toro, ES)
Creo que tomaré este producto durante...: Alrededor de 3 meses
Recomendaría este producto a un amigo que lo necesite: SI, lo recomendaría

keto sport

Pablo V.J. (Huesca, ES)
Creo que tomaré este producto durante...: Lo tomaré a largo plazo, me viene muy bien ser constante para mejorar mi salud
Recomendaría este producto a un amigo que lo necesite: SI, lo recomendaría
Genial producto

Un producto realmente bueno para entrenamientos en bici de más de 3h. Solo un pero y es que noto que me da gases. Eso sí me sienta mucho mejor que geles y otros productos del mercado.

GUSTAVO R. (Santiago de Compostela, ES)
Creo que tomaré este producto durante...: Solo este mes
Recomendaría este producto a un amigo que lo necesite: SI, lo recomendaría
Energía limpia

Muy bueno el sabor cítrico nada empalagoso ni azucarado, energía sostenida sin altibajos

Enric B. (Vielha e Mijaran, ES)
Creo que tomaré este producto durante...: Lo tomaré a largo plazo, me viene muy bien ser constante para mejorar mi salud
Recomendaría este producto a un amigo que lo necesite: SI, lo recomendaría
suplementación Keto

1 bidon para una salida de 4 horas horas, resto agua. Con Keto sport puedo añadir un aporte de energia sin tomar HC manteniendome en cetosis.
Mas fuerza, durante mas tiempo y tambien mas economico, porque no necesito un bidon por hora.

Jose M.R.G. (Madrid, ES)
Creo que tomaré este producto durante...: Alrededor de 6 meses
Recomendaría este producto a un amigo que lo necesite: SI, lo recomendaría

Me ayuda a recuperarme después de los entrenos, de forma espectacular.

Antonio l.D.p.g.
Creo que tomaré este producto durante...: Lo tomaré a largo plazo, me viene muy bien ser constante para mejorar mi salud
Recomendaría este producto a un amigo que lo necesite: SI, lo recomendaría
Keto sport

Me va parecido realmente genial. He podido hacer entreno de series sin desvanecer. Una pasada..

Amaya M. (la Nucia, ES)

Pues no me ha dado tiempo realmente a comprobarlo, pero en general me siento muy bien, claro que me tomo tres de vuestros batidos!

jorge g.

Llevo poco tiempo empleándolo, pero que es un plus en mis entrenos tanto de fuerza como en las tiradas largas

jose G. (Carboneras, ES)

Keto Sport

A life worth living

Naturally , made in Spain