Keto Sport

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High Performance Keto Training

Your perfect ally for sports and activities in environments where energy efficiency is sought using fats as a source of long-lasting energy. Ideal for you to start your training sessions avoiding the entrenched loads of carbohydrates and sugars

Content: 330 g

  • It contributed to the achievement of a Guinness World Record
  • Contains MCT from coconut
  • It provides you with the 9 essential amino acids
  • Gluten free
  • Formulated and tested with the support of Olympic athletes
  • 2 patents included. Delios and Albion
  • Ideal to combine with Energy 3 in long workouts

How to take it

Better sports performance

Improves performance and sports performance thanks to the contribution of energy substrates that will be spent during the activity.

In addition, it avoids mineral deficiencies and provides essential amino acids, being useful as a pre-workout supplement in any sports modality.

All in one

Keto Sport is a versatile sports supplement that gives you energy (clean, fast, constant and prolonged) and improves protein synthesis thanks to its amino acids.

Similarly, improves the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, thanks to its contribution in medium chain triglycerides and Acetyl L-carnitine, improving body recomposition.

More energy and less exhaustion

It supplies the necessary energy to avoid muscle exhaustion and catabolism derived from the lack of substrates.

Likewise, it optimizes to the entry of energetic substrates into the cell. This is thanks to the contribution of the minerals that are necessary for the maintenance of homeostasis at the cell level.

Increased endurance

The consumption of Magnesium is essential to compensate for the loss that occurs This mineral will give during training.

This mineral is also essential to improve muscle contractility, a capacity that gives the athlete greater elasticity, resistance and tolerance to effort, thus reducing fatigue. the probability of injury risk.


Get to know the Keto Sport formula


It is a supplement that provides energy and essential nutrients for sports performance and the subsequent recovery of the body after a demanding event, in addition it does not rely on stimulants, caffeine or excipients and unnecessary ingredients or additives. It has quality raw materials in merely sufficient proportions. Our formula does not contain added sugars and has been prepared by our nutritionists.

Between 5-10 minutes the nutrients are absorbed by the body providing the aforementioned benefits.

It will depend on your training and intensity. consume every day in which you do physical exercise.

Yes, since it contains amino acids and fatty acids.

At times when due to sports or dietary requirements it may come in handy to supply possible deficiencies.

22gr in 1 glass of water or 250 ml. Bag of 330 g for 15 shots.

It is taken before training. But it can also be taken during or ju this after. Although it would not have a contraindication, it does not make much sense to take it with food.

Keto Sport was born to respond to the needs of athletes who do not want to depend on large amounts of glucose or dietary carbohydrates and, above all, who train in sports of high energy demand, such as endurance and many long-distance aerobic sports, such as triathletes or marathoners. It is ideal for people who are following a low-carbohydrate diet, or a ketogenic diet, and want to supplement to get more energy while respecting their macronutrients and, in addition, adding minerals that every person with such sports demands needs.

There is no contraindication except medical recommendation.

To perform properly as an athlete and be healthy, it is necessary and essential to lead a good lifestyle, this entails good sports planning, proper rest and a good diet based on whole vegetables. Unfortunately, with today's pace of life it is not always possible to do everything correctly, and that is why it is interesting to have aids such as Keto Sport. If, in addition, you are following a nutritional protocol that is different from your normal needs, it can help you reach the levels of energy and micronutrients that may be compromised.

If your goal is to improve sports performance. If your diet is lacking/low in foods or nutrients involved in sports performance, such as carbohydrate intake, it becomes a key aid in your training or if you need extra energy for your performance.

Keto Sport is made to based on entirely natural ingredients and, although there are no contraindications in taking it, if you have any serious pathology it must be supervised by a health professional. Our recommendation is that you take it under your medical and professional advice.

Customer Reviews

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Antonio Suarez Benitez
Lo mejor que he encontrado

Cumple su labor

Tamar González
Gran producto!!

Lleva todo lo que un deportista puede necesitar para sus entrenamientos Keto! Gran producto! Yo lo utilizo en mis tiradas más largas en bici saliendo en ayunas.

E. C.
Un producto innovador y necesario

Un producto fantástico para favorecer el metabolismo de los ácidos grasos en deportes de resistencia. Me ha encantado su sabor y sus prestaciones. Un básico imprescindible.

Hugo nestor Guardia cuello
Keto Sport

Muy bueno!!! Cubre todas mis expectativas


Lo tomo justo antes de ir a entrenar y la verdad que he notado un plus de energía en mis entrenamientos, lo recomiendo 100%

Keto Sport
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