Chill Mood

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Better rest and deep sleep

The definitive complement to fall asleep earlier and better. Eliminate the feeling of fatigue and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Content: 120 capsules

  • With melatonin, Gaba, Vitamins B12 and D, Magnesium and tryptophan - 5HTP
  • 3 DSM patents included
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • Free of gluten, lactose and titanium dioxide
  • Ideal for sporty people
  • 10 natural ingredients at the service of your deep and restful sleep

How to take it

Your improvement process

Learn in detail how Chill Mood helps you over time

  • Week 1

    Reconcile your sleep

    The first few days Chill Mood will allow you to reconnect with your rest, helping you to regulate and reconcile your sleep . Your nervous system resets to generate strength and energy so that rest is real and of quality.

  • Month 1

    Relaxation and regulation

    Modulation phase of your body and mind. In this way your body relaxes, and connects with the mind, so that the regulation of the sleep cycle and circadian rhythms are aligned reducing anxiety and stress.

  • Month 2

    Vitality and productivity

    Improving rest it is extrapolated to your energy levels from the morning, allowing you to start the day with a lot of energy, vitality and productivity.

  • Month 4

    Restoration of the general good

    Phase in which Chill Mood acts as an internal clock and natural relaxant, balancing the activity of the nervous system, and allowing deep rest and a restoration of general well-being.

Improves the quality of night's sleep

Having the necessary daily supply of magnesium, melatonin and GABA makes the nights of effective and restful rest.

Glycine, as a precursor of glutathione and creatine, has been shown to have positive effects on the reduction of fatigue and perceived tiredness.

Reduces stress levels

The GABA is a neurotransmitter that combats anxiety and induces positive effects on night rest.

Several studies show that both vitamin B12 and magnesium have the ability to balance the activity of the nervous system.

Fall asleep faster

Adequate consumption of melatonin and GABA induces the body to a state of relaxation ideal for falling asleep faster.

This is possible because of its components, which help endogenous hormonal regulation processes, especially those carried out at night when we sleep.

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Get to know the Chill Mood formula


Because its composition is multifactorial / multinutritional, meaning that today there is no direct competition and also the product is really different in terms of quality when compared to the products on the market.

Constancy will mean greater adhesion and effects, and with it will come the real results in the medium term. However, there are people who report very good sensations in a matter of days, especially when they already have a very good base with food and sports. This product provides a whole range of nutrients that directly benefit the health of the consumer, positively regulating rest and nighttime repair processes, enabling the person to have a restful and quality sleep, and as a collateral result, feel more vital and energetic.

It is not necessary, but you can do it without inconvenience or negative incidences at the health level. In addition, this type of supplements requires a certain continuity so that its effects accumulate and generate benefits at the physiological level. However, we always recommend temporary control by a professional in the sector who guarantees the intake of any type of supplement.

It is very common in the society in which we live to be affected by situations of stress, fatigue, low energy levels and lack of night rest (quantity and quality), causing a decompensation in the Biorhythms. For this reason, and considering all its benefits seen above, we find its daily use very useful, especially at times when we perceive that the aforementioned may be affecting us.

As with any other Be Levels product, we like to ensure the effectiveness of the product taking care of all aspects of health in an integral way. For this reason we guarantee , in an integral way and with the synergy of all the ingredients, a progressive improvement in the shortest possible time.

Perfectly applicable to both, the approaches and amounts may vary, but the concern for food and health must always be present.

Making such a specific contribution and in the effective doses of everything that we have found in this product would be very difficult to do simply with food, being an ideal ally to be able to regulate nocturnal biorhythms in moments of physiological imbalance, along with a healthy lifestyle. However, we always recommend having a periodic and quantitative control of any supplement that is included.

To improve its bioavailability, and with it our ability to absorb the minerals that present this chemical form.

This varies depending on the person and their sensitivity to the different active ingredients that compose it, but 7-10 days is a usual period in which consumers begin to report good feelings about the incorporation of the product.

This is highly variable and depends on the tolerance of each person, so if you feel very lethargic the next day, give yourself a little time to adapt to the product, and if necessary reduce the dose temporarily until you reach the indicated dose without perceiving those sensations.

If you are a person who does not sleep well at night, you have problems when it comes to feeling that your sleep is restful, you have anxiety or you feel rushed without being able to turn off before going to bed, or you think you can get some benefit from those mentioned in Main benefits, this product would be an ideal addition.

It does not have, except for allergens detailed in the labeling.

Customer Reviews

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Bibiana Tabares
Desanimo antes de tomarla

Cuando lei la forma de tomarla me desanime. Primero por que me parece demasiadas pastillas pense que seria una por dia y notmalmente antes de dormir pero eso de empezar en la tarde y tantas pastillas me desanimo por completo apenas hoy la voy a empezar a tomar y solo le tome una una hora antes de dormir para empezar. cuando aumente la dosis oes dire mis comentarios.

ESther Muñoz Herrera
Forma de tomarlo

Lo encuentro complicado de tomar. Tomar 5 cápsulas me parece mucho. Me podrían comentar cómo recomiendan hacerlo?

Laia Sánchez

creo que me está ayudando a descansar mejor, junto a otras intervenciones que he hecho en mi higiene del sueño. Lo voy a recomendar a mis pacientes. La unica cosa me parece que son demasiadas pastillas al dia, entiendo que no hay forma de reducirlas pero es la única mejora que haria.

Juan Diego Noguera Muñoz

Chill Mood

Laura Rascado

Duermo de un tirón toda la noche

Chill Mood
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