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Why we've reformulated our best-selling product

Transparency is one of the most important values ​​of Be Levels . Being honest with the reason for each of the decisions we make as a company has been indisputable since our birth, and we want it to continue to be so. Therefore, today we tell you the story behind the change in the formulation of one of our best-selling supplements : Wake Up Mood . If Be Levels products are characterized by something, it is for being dynamic. This means that they are continuously being analyzed and evaluated to improve their formula . Not only for those of us who are part of the formulation, but also for you, who take it, verify its effectiveness and send us your doubts or concerns . And so you have done in this case.

Ribose, the component that was oxidized

Wake Up Mood contained, in its initial formula, Ribose , a molecule that, when exposed to changes in light and temperature, can oxidize over time. This component caused some people who take it to detect how the color of their capsules had darkened, believing that the product had ceased to be valid or functional. The Wake Up Mood master formula would not lose its effectiveness due to this color change. However, we are aware that believing that this oxidation makes the product less potent can affect the final result and, therefore, interfere with your results. Therefore, after receiving the first comments, we began to study the problem and look for alternatives to solve it. Finally, our team of formulators came to the conclusion of substituting Ribose for Niacin .

Niacin substitution, what is it?

This new component corresponds to vitamin B3 , present in food in two different ways. On the one hand, as nicotinic acid , commonly found in vegetables, and on the other, as nicotinamide , which is the form of this vitamin that we identify in animals. It is important to note that there is not one better than the other. Simply, they are two molecules that differ in the conformation of their atoms, but have the same effectiveness. Vitamin B3 has very interesting properties , being a precursor of pathways for the formation of both important molecules for the potential energy of each cell and antioxidant molecules within them. In addition, Niacin participates in the formation of the nicotinamide dinucleotide molecule, called NAD+ in biochemical schemes, which acts on the PARP sirtuin pathways.

The role of Niacin in the sirtuin pathways

Going deeper into the importance of sirtuins, these pathways are found in different tissues. For example, sirtuin3 is located in muscle tissue. There, they have been shown to generate proteins at the mitochondrial level , thanks to the increase in plasma Niacin. In this way, being a nucleotide precursor, it acts as if it itself generated the increased expression of these proteins, as well as others involved in anti-inflammatory pathways. We can say that nicotinamide is a very valuable component. In optimal amounts, it allows a correct synthesis of pathways of antioxidant molecules responsible for activating the sirtuin pathway, essential for the regulation of our circadian rhythms . Without forgetting that, likewise, they have a fundamental role in improving our mitochondrial metabolism due to their participation in mitochondrial biogenesis.

Main benefits of formula change

Therefore, the substitution of Ribose for Niacin will allow us to eradicate the problem of oxidation of the capsules and also:
  1. Improve mitochondrial biogenesis
  2. Optimize the synthesis of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules
  3. Refine our biorhythms by increasing the expression of sirtuins and nicotinamide dinucleotide
Likewise, we must not overlook the fact that, thanks to this change, the recommended dose will be much more comfortable , going from 5 to 3 capsules a day. This is because the volume of Niacin is much smaller than that of Ribose. This means that the optimal amount of each active ingredient can be concentrated in a smaller number of capsules while maintaining the same effectiveness. Finally, it is important to note that Niacin helps the synthesis of all these molecular pathways to activate when circadian rhythms are aligned. So we can enhance the benefits of this new component with healthy habits . Some examples are sun exposure, maintaining a sleep routine consistent with circadian rhythms, or intermittent fasting during the day.


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