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This has been our 2021: a great year!

Our first full year, and what a great year! 365 days full of desire, work and, above all, great enthusiasm . This is what 2021 has been like for us. Today, we review with you some of the most important milestones that have happened this year to bring you closer to why Be Levels is becoming a great ally for those who want to take care of their comprehensive health and that of their family. We are barely 15 months old since our launch on the market and together, thanks to our great team of professionals, we have managed to implement the three fundamental pillars that support the path and day by day of more than 5,000 #belevers .

Our three pillars


Our Be Levels Academy , supported by more than 50 doctors, nutritionists and health professionals, has already generated: +100 specialized articles, +40 podcasts, 3 training courses and several free electronic books . As you know, behind each piece of content there is always a subject matter specialist, and that is what is making Be Levels Academy a reference platform for learning to take care of yourself . In its essence is trying to avoid fashions or beliefs, appealing to the critical spirit and the learning capacity that we know that all of you who visit us have.


Our WhatsApp groups have been a success, more than 500 micro-queries attended! Every Thursday we have the opportunity to verify that, to a greater or lesser extent, we all need help. Add-ons are not magic, and for us it is essential to create and implement all the necessary tools so that you can be accompanied in your continuous improvement process.

unique products

We could extend more, but we will focus on the most important thing: who tries Be Levels , repeats . Nothing else. Reading all the reviews from our customers, it is very clear to us that it has been worth choosing the best ingredients , the best patents and letting ourselves be guided by our medical director when making decisions. Making exclusive products that really work has been a great decision, and it will continue to be so, even if it sometimes makes it more difficult to reach new customers.

This is only possible thanks to you, #belevers

As our grandparents used to say, sharing is living... and what a great truth! You #belevers are the ones who make Be Levels a true family . During this time, we have received calls from women who have stopped suffering with their menstruation, or people who can now eat without fear of their intestines playing tricks on them, to emails from clients who go back to sleeping almost like when they were children. Receiving these messages is something MAGICAL. And seeing how more and more people realize that it is not normal to live with pain, discomfort or being a worse version of ourselves is fuel for the whole team. Our mission is to help you improve day by day, and we do it too. Throughout this time, we have learned that, through humility and active listening, we can improve some aspects of our plugins based on your valuable opinions . Reviews that are based on your real experiences. Your opinion is gold for Be Levels, so please always keep sharing it to help us improve! We know that many of our clients are great professionals, athletes and people who need to be 100% to attend to their work and family responsibilities. This makes you very empathetic when it comes to apologizing for our mistakes and helping us to continue improving with your feedback . You know that building a project as ambitious as Be Levels is not an easy task, but you trust that the professional team behind it is making it a reality. And for that, we thank you. Given that transparency is one of our most important values, we do not hesitate to share with you some information about our company so that you can get to know it better. We want it to be completely clear that you are part of it, as well as of our mission " A LIFE TO LIVE IT ".
  • Our team is already based in five different cities : Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Lisbon and Bombay. Diversity and different ways of being enrich us. At Be Levels we are always actively looking for talent, so if you want to be part of our team, do not hesitate to contact us or get in touch with people who you think breathe our mission.
  • The love we put into our work is reflected in your reviews. You have decided to give us a score of 4.7 out of 5 in your opinions .
  • +150 health professionals (doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, coaches, biologists, etc.) actively recommend Be Levels products to their patients .
  • Our accessories travel the world, we have already had sales in more than 20 countries .
  • More than 60% of our 2021 customers have repeated their purchase .
  • We triple our sales year after year and we reinvest everything we generate in continuing to improve our products and services so that it is you, #belever, who enjoys this path with us.

New year, new adventures

We face 2022 with the illusion of children. What will the coming year bring us? We will not bore you... let's get to the point!
  • +15 new products, months of development, analysis and research . There are no deadlines for the launch of each one. You want to know why? We never put the quality of a supplement at risk, and for this reason they only come out when they are ready, even if it is later because one of the ingredients has to travel from the confines of Latin America.
  • Hint: between the two founders we have participated in more than 8 Ironman. Several Olympic athletes are already working with us . The rest you will discover ;)
  • We launch personal consultations by video call . Very soon a doctor or nutritionist from our team will be able to assist you and help you. We want to be, every day, closer to all of you.
What do you expect from Be Levels? Do not hesitate to tell us about it in as much detail as you want, we will read it and take it into account with the greatest affection and care in the world. A hug, Jon and Javi
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