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Insomnia and nocturnal anxiety

Insomnia and nocturnal anxiety

By: Phil Hugo

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The health protocol for the treatment of insomnia and nocturnal anxiety has been prepared by our Formulator Phil Hugo and comes to improve your symptoms of anxiety (day and night) and insomnia , offering you tips on life hygiene, nutrition and natural food supplements, leveraged in human physiology and scientific evidence, that allow you to recover your sleep cycle in harmony with your biorhythms .

This protocol is for you if...

  • You have more mental activation or more hunger at night , which prevents you from falling asleep and interferes with your quality of rest.
  • You wake up frequently during the night , which affects your performance.
  • The lack of concentration is present in your day to day and leads to more anxiety.
  • You don't know how to manage stress and this affects your quality of life.

Our Chill Mood in combination with Triple Magnesium form the perfect combo to help you rest soundly throughout the night and will guarantee excellent recovery .

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In the words of its author

  • Phil Hugo

    Los pacientes piden cada vez más herramientas para volver a recuperar un ciclo de sueño y vigilia en armonía con la genética y los biorritmos. Incorporar sol durante el día, mantener la oscuridad en la noche y priorizar la calma mental antes de dormir, son técnicas imprescindibles.