Foods richest in vitamin C that you should keep in mind

Increased hair loss , constant mood swings, a feeling of fatigue and even dry skin are some of the symptoms that indicate that we have a significant deficiency of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. And in order to put an end to these problems, what you have to do is provide the body with the daily amount it needs of that. How? Resorting to eating some of the most vitamin C-rich foods out there. Below, we list them for your health.

Foods rich in vitamin C for the body

About 90 milligrams of this vitamin a day are what the body needs to function properly and to promote growth, for example. And they can be provided by including in the diet the foods that are considered to have the greatest amount of it, which are the following:


Some 228 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of said fruit, as indicated by the National Institute of Health , are what can be given to the body by eating it. It is a tropical fruit that is the richest in terms of that. Its intake is recommended throughout the year, but especially in the colder months, which is when we can have more ascorbic acid deficiency. In this case, it will strengthen the immune system to, among other things, prevent infections and colds. discover-guava-rich-vitamin-c


In this list we could not fail to include this other food, which provides 200 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams. Specifically, it has four times the same as orange juice. It is also known as sarsaparilla and it is interesting to know that it gives us other health benefits. Thus, it helps us reduce stress levels, strengthens bones and considerably improves intestinal transit.

3.Red pepper

We all know that this product is a great source of fiber, but it is also a great source of ascorbic acid that concerns us now. Moreover, it is interesting to know that it is richer in this than orange. And it is that it gives the body up to 190 milligrams per 100 grams. In the same way, it is rich in vitamin B and vitamin A, without forgetting that it has an interesting antioxidant effect, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps us better assimilate iron. discover-red-pepper-high-contribution-vitamin-c


144 milligrams per 100 grams is the contribution of vitamin C that it makes. Hence, it is in our top five and it is advisable to include it in the diet, even if only occasionally. What's more, by doing so it will help us prevent colds, stimulate our metabolism and even reduce the dangers of having cancer.

5. Parsley

To conclude our section on the five foods richest in vitamin C, we present this other one, which we regularly use as a seasoning in numerous dishes. In his case, he guarantees 120 milligrams of that for every 100 grams. In addition to this, it must be emphasized that it reduces fluid retention problems, prevents cancer and lowers high blood pressure to optimal levels.

Other foods that are a source of vitamin C

Up to now we have made you aware of the products that you should include in your diet if you have a vitamin C deficiency because they are the ones that will contribute the most to your body. But we cannot ignore that there are others who are also rich in the aforementioned:


About 93 milligrams of it per 100 grams is what this fruit offers, which makes it, among other things, a great ally to improve defenses and reduce the risk of suffering from colds. In addition, it helps curb stress and improves skin health. food-kiwi-rich-vitamin-c


The same amount that the aforementioned kiwi provides is that of this other food, which is very rich in water, vitamins A and B and even fiber. No less interesting is knowing that, although it can be prepared in multiple ways, it is advisable to eat it raw in order to fully enjoy all its properties.


The important contribution that this product makes of vitamin C to the body is interesting: 89 milligrams per 100 grams. Hence, it must be kept in mind when avoiding deficiencies in the aforementioned ascorbic acid. But it is also appropriate to integrate it into the diet because it is rich in folic acid, calcium and even iron. As you can see, there are a large number of foods that you can include in your diet in order to end your problem of lack of vitamin at hand.

Complete table with the foods that have the most vitamin C:

Food mg of vitamin C per 100g.
guava 273
peppers of all kinds 131
Papaya 80
pizza 74
Kiwi 71
Cauliflower, sprouts and cabbage 65-67
Raspberry 60
lemon and orange fifty
Grapefruit 44
turnip greens and turnips 40
Mango 37
Tangerine 35
turnips 31
citrus juice 30
Spinach 30
Asparagus, leek, tomato 26
Melon 25
sweet potato and sweet potato 25
Fruit of the passion 24
broad beans, green beans 24
Green peas 23
pumpkin and zucchini 22
fresh roe twenty
Pineapple twenty
Swiss chard and radishes twenty
onion and scallion 19
Brains 19
Non-citrus fruit juices 18.5
Custard apple 18
Potato 18
Frozen peas 18
Sweetbread 18
Avocado 17
Blackberry 17
natural tomato 16
Khaki 16
Liver fifteen
Quince and fruit pastes 13
lettuce and escarole 12
Mashed potato (flaked, dehydrated) 12
Garlic eleven
Kidneys eleven
Cucumber, beetroot 10
Fried tomato 10
Apple banana 10
artichokes 9
cherries and sour cherries 8
Peach, apricot, pomegranate, pineapple in syrup 7-8
pistachios 7
jams 7
Celery 7
Eggplants and carrots 6
Chips 6

Supplementation rich in Vitamin C

Of course, you cannot forget that another option that you have at your fingertips is to rely on supplementation. Thus, for example, at Be Levels we have the vitamin C supplement that may interest you the most . And it is that this offers you the aforementioned in its liposomal form, which guarantees that it is better absorbed by the body and that it has a more lasting effect. If, due to the type of life you lead, it is difficult for you to provide your body with the amount of vitamin C it needs, Be Levels Liposomal Vitamin C may be the most effective solution for you. be-levels-liposomal-vitamin-c-supplement Whether you eat foods rich in vitamin C or take it through supplements , your body will thank you and your quality of life will improve substantially.
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