Keys to achieving a pregnancy at age 40

The pace of life in today's society, academic and work commitments or economic conditions are some of the reasons why more and more women try to get pregnant for the first time when they are past their 'thirties'. It is true that at that age it is more difficult to get pregnant than when you are younger, but it is not impossible. Precisely for this reason, below, I am going to introduce you to some of the main keys to achieving a pregnancy at age 40 , in addition to leaving you this fertile days calculator to make it easier for you to achieve your goal.

Difficulties getting pregnant at age 40

As we mentioned at the beginning, you have to be aware that getting pregnant at this age is more difficult. It is because, as Social Fertility indicates, a woman's fertility rate is declining at this time. Specifically, it is considered that the possibility of achieving a pregnancy at 40 years of age naturally is only 5%. And it is that as she turns years old, her reserve of ovules is depleted and their quality is progressively decreasing. What's more, we must also be aware that women who have just turned four decades see increased risks of having a natural abortion and even that the fetus may have chromosomal abnormalities. reality-difficulties-achieving-pregnancy-40

Tips for getting pregnant at 40

Although it must be clear that it will be more difficult to get pregnant when the age in question is reached, it must be known that it is not impossible to make the dream of being a mother come true. What you have to do is be patient and strictly follow the recommendations that we indicate below:

1.Visit the gynecologist

Undoubtedly, the first thing to do is go to the gynecologist to inform him of the goal you have in mind. In this way, he will carry out the pertinent review and even some type of specific test and a blood test with which to be able to be clear that you are in perfect health to begin trying to achieve pregnancy.

2. Take folic acid and specific supplements

The same gynecologist may tell the woman that she should start taking folic acid daily. This is important because, among other things, it helps to reduce the risks of malformations in the neural tube, that is, it serves to reduce the risks that the fetus may suffer from anencephaly or spina bifida, for example. In the same way, you can ask about the intake of certain supplements that help enhance fertility. This would be the case of the one we have for sale at Be Levels , which is called Fertility Formula and which improves both the quality of the ovules and the implantation of the embryo in the uterus. know-supplement-fertility-pregnancy

3. Healthy, complete and balanced diet

Of course, it is necessary for the woman who wants to get pregnant at 40 or at any age to carry out a healthy diet. It is essential that it be so so that it does not have a nutrient deficit that makes it difficult for it to achieve pregnancy. In addition, you have to know that following a balanced and complete diet will also help the embryo to implant and for it to develop properly. For this reason, it is essential that you drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day, that you keep fruit and vegetables very much in mind as well as that you give priority to other foods such as fish, white meat and also legumes. .

4.Exercise regularly

Practicing sports on a regular and regular basis is healthy for anyone and even more so for a woman who wants to get pregnant. Of course, it should be a moderate exercise that keeps you fit, positive and that helps you forget about the stress you may feel for wanting to achieve the pregnancy as soon as possible. know-exercise-key-achieve-pregnancy-40

5. Get out of alcohol and tobacco

Another fundamental key in this process is to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. These are two of the habits that must be avoided at all costs to boost fertility and make pregnancy a reality.

What to do if pregnancy is not achieved at 40 after six months of trying?

With all the recommendations indicated in the previous section, all the important steps are being taken to reach the bottom of the ladder, to become pregnant. However, on many occasions it happens that, after six months trying to get pregnant, it does not arrive. In that case you have to resort to a fertility and reproduction clinic. There the pertinent tests will be done on the woman and her boy to determine what causes her not to get pregnant. Be that as it may, both in this case and in that of single women or in that of lesbian couples there are other alternatives to achieve having a child. We are referring to artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, egg donation, in vitro fertilization with double donation and even embryo adoption.
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