How to have more energy and what to take to perform more

Surely you are wondering how to have more energy . And it is that at some point in our lives we have felt exhausted at the end of the day and even during it we have noticed that we do not have enough energy . And no, we are not referring to when we have made a great physical effort, we are talking about those days in which we are suffering from what experts call an energy crisis . Logically behind this situation there are some causes, which we are now going to analyze in depth. What's more, we are even going to give you some advice to be able to solve them and face your day to day full of strength in every way.

How to have more energy and let go of tiredness

Cómo tener más energía If you feel at this moment that your body needs to recharge its energy, you should know that you have to take measures as soon as possible to put an end to this problem. Specifically, there are a series of recommendations that we are going to make from Be Levels that will help you put an end to it at the root:
  • It is very important that you follow a healthy, complete and balanced diet , where fresh foods play a leading role and where processed foods are as little present as possible. It is essential that you provide your body with nutrients rich in vitamin D and potassium , as they will also help you to fall asleep very well.
  • Also keep in mind that different studies carried out recently have come to determine that sunbathing for a while in the morning helps to significantly reduce stress. Yes, because it lowers cortisol levels
  • In this list of recommendations we have to include, of course, the daily intake of between 1.5 and 2 liters of water to achieve perfect hydration of the body.
  • Taking into account the causes that we have mentioned as responsible for the lack of energy, it must be established that it is also essential to carry out a diet that makes an adequate contribution of magnesium . In this case, among the richest foods in it we find chard, spinach, lentils, almonds and white beans, among others.
  • Another way to have more energy in the day to day when it is because of stress is to practice exercises such as yoga and meditation . This without overlooking the fact that if the problem is growing, it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of psychology professionals. And it is that these will help to overcome that through different guidelines and tools.
  • Likewise, it must be established that it is necessary to perform physical activity on a daily basis . We are not referring only to running or going to the gym, we are referring to moving at home or in the office when we are sitting for a long time. Experts indicate that the ideal is to perform 2 minutes of exercises for every 90 minutes stopped.

What to take to have more energy?

Qué tomar para tener energía In our hectic day to day, it is difficult to obtain all the necessary nutrients to achieve the energy we need. For this reason, it is sometimes advisable to resort to supplements that are on sale and that are specially designed to provide the body with more energy. Specifically, at Be Levels we have several products to improve energy, where one of them stands out above all. Below I am going to mention both nutritional supplements and the best foods to gain energy in your day to day.

Supplements to increase your daily energy

1. Wake Up Mood

Product that helps us keep stress under control, improves mood and increases both concentration and energy from early morning. Wake Up Mood is today one of the best-selling products of the entire brand. User ratings show that it is a product that achieves greater performance and, above all, greater concentration.

2.Energy 3

Product specially designed for athletes who need to perform at their best during training and competitions. Energy 3 is ideal to take both before training or competition or during their development. Thanks to its exclusive formula you will get the most out of your body while practicing your favorite sport.

3. Keto Sports

If you follow a Keto diet or if you are interested in getting the most out of your fats to get the most out of them, Be Levels Keto Sport is for you. It is a perfect product to start your training sessions avoiding the deep-rooted loads of carbohydrates and sugars. You can take any of these 3 Be Levels products to perform more in your day to day ( Wake Up Mood ) or practice sports, depending on what your final goal is.

Foods that give you more energy

Throughout this article we have introduced you to several supplements and some recommendations that will help you have more energy. However, we cannot ignore that another way to achieve this goal at hand is to carry out an adequate diet. Specifically, to achieve this you must bet on including the foods that are considered to provide more energy and they are these:

1.The meat

Between two and four times a week you have to eat meat, as it is very rich in proteins of high biological value. She provides us with eight of the most essential amino acids and this makes it essential in our diet. And it is also because it provides the body with vitamin B12, which plays an important role in the proper functioning of the nervous system. It should be noted that among the most recommended meats is turkey.

2. Dairy

In this list of foods that provide the body with more energy, we cannot forget dairy products. They and, more specifically, milk, are a great source of protein as well as calcium, vitamins and even magnesium. Thus, thanks to its consumption, it is not only possible to eliminate the feeling of fatigue that can be felt, but also improves the state of mind.


The contribution it makes to the body of protein, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 is what makes oats another product that must be included in the diet to put aside the lack of energy.


Contrary to what was thought years ago, the egg is a healthy food that must be present in the diet on a regular basis. Thus, it is recommended to take it around four times a week, except for people who have problems with cholesterol. If it is part of this list, it is because it gives energy thanks to the fact that it is rich in protein, vitamins and also calcium and even iron.

5. Legumes

If you want to put an end to your lack of energy problems, don't forget to include legumes in your diet, whether they are chickpeas, lentils or beans. They will make you not feel like you have exhausted batteries and they will because they are rich in both vitamin B6 and iron. What is advised by medical professionals is that they be eaten about four times a week.

6.Dark chocolate

Another source of energy that must be included in the diet, although without abusing it, is this chocolate. What's more, it will improve your mood and can even make you cope well with a stress picture that you are suffering.

7. Nuts

As you can see, there are many foods that you can take to counteract fatigue and tiredness. And among them we must also include these other products that we are now indicating. They are a great source of protein, magnesium, selenium and even vitamin B. Among the most suitable varieties are almonds and walnuts. In addition, you should know that eating them helps reduce the risk of suffering from Alzheimer's and protects the heart.

8. The blue fish

This other food is also essential that you keep it in mind to combat your lack of energy, thanks to its contribution of proteins and omega 3 especially. What varieties of fish are included in this category? Well, mainly salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines and also anchovies.

9.The banana

Fruit in general is a type of healthy food that must be taken daily, specifically between 4 and five pieces. But it is no less true that within it there is one that stands out for its contribution of energy and it is the banana. And it is that, among other things, it is rich in magnesium, potassium and also fiber. Fundamentally, potassium is what makes eating bananas help put aside fatigue. Hence, many athletes do not hesitate to eat one after having made a great physical effort. Of course, you should also keep pineapple in mind, which improves the mood and gives a shot of vitality.

10. Green leafy vegetables

As with fruits, vegetables are essential foods in anyone's diet because they are healthy and have many benefits for the body. But in the case at hand, we have to highlight in a special way those with green leaves. If they help combat lack of energy, it is because they are sources of folic acid, magnesium and vitamin B9. Among the most recommended varieties are spinach, lettuce and chard, for example. Likewise, we have to take into consideration that other foods that also help us improve the body's energy are red fruits, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds as well as dates.

Reasons why you feel exhausted and without energy

When it comes to being able to discover why you don't have energy, you have to know that there may be a reason or even several. Specifically, among the most common are the following:

1. You have a nutrient deficiency

One of the most frequent causes of the situation we are addressing is having a notable lack of nutrients. Exactly what is known as ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate, which, as Wikipedia indicates, is "a fundamental nucleotide in obtaining cellular energy." And this one must know that in order to perform its function properly it must have good doses of magnesium. Precisely for this reason, a person who is deficient in the aforementioned magnesium may feel that they feel completely exhausted, that they are not able to cope with their daily work.

2. You don't sleep properly

Getting optimal rest is necessary for good health and energy. It's not just about sleeping the recommended seven or eight hours, it's about doing it in optimal conditions . That is, it is necessary that the so-called sleep cycles are absolutely optimized. If you don't know, each of these cycles lasts approximately 70 to 100 minutes and can be altered by different elements. Thus, among the most frequent are stress, irritability and even having inadequate blood sugar levels. All of these factors can mean that the different stages of sleep, therefore, do not develop properly and, as a consequence, will cause the body of those who suffer from it to have no energy. Tener más energía

3. You are a victim of stress

More and more people who say they feel exhausted come to this situation because of the stress in which they live daily. And it is that that has become one of the most common problems of the 21st century. We live at a hectic pace, we don't have time for anything, we have to balance professional and personal life... Come on, we're at the top, we don't have time in our schedules and we feel overwhelmed by all this as well as by the economy family, work... Also, keep in mind that stress can cause problems falling asleep and difficulty relaxing. Situations all of which will lead to the fatigue at hand.

4. You don't drink enough fluids

Maybe you didn't know, but not drinking an adequate amount of water and other liquids a day can cause tiredness and exhaustion problems. Yes, it can lead to dehydration that will also manifest itself through problems such as headaches and fatigue, for example.

5. You don't move

It is true that after exercising, we feel exhausted, but we are also exhausted when we do not move. It may seem like an inconsistency, but it is not. And it is that human beings obtain energy from the movement we make and if we do not make any, then logically we will be 'without charged batteries'. For this reason, it is so important that every certain period of time we activate ourselves, we move, because this way we will give energy to our neurotransmitters and also to our hormones.
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