The best supplements for digestion and bloating

Millions of people around the world have problems with digestion . Some feel gas, others feel very bloated after eating, there are also those who feel that they do it in a heavy or slow way... But all of them should know that, except for very specific medical indications, these problems can be solved or, at less, alleviate them forcefully. Yes, because different studies carried out in recent years have shown that a good measure in these cases consists of taking some type of supplement. Precisely for this reason, now in this article we are going to show you which are the best supplements for bloating and digestion that you should keep in mind.

Most important supplements for light digestions and not feeling bloated

After eating we can feel heavy and we can even see that our belly is bulging. If this situation is repeated from time to time and there is no health problem behind it, a good way to avoid it is to include supplements in our diet such as the ones indicated below. Take note:

1.Gut Day

At Be Levels we have this supplement for sale that is specifically indicated to say goodbye to heavy digestions forever . What's more, it also helps to improve gastrointestinal health in general and to avoid problems associated with indigestion such as diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, reflux or gas. It is also worth knowing about this product that it has in its composition natural elements such as turmeric, digestive enzymes, licorice and ginger root. It is suitable for vegans, does not contain gluten and is for sale in various formats: in 10-gram single-dose sachets, in 150-gram cans or in 300-gram bags.

2.Vitamin D

In this list of supplements in favor of improving gastrointestinal health after meals is also this nutrient that, as a general rule, can be taken by anyone. In addition, it must be established that it is an essential element when it comes to maintaining the intestinal flora in perfect balance.

3. Ginger root

The aforementioned Be Levels Gut Day supplement already contains this element, which is a great ally when it comes to relieving heartburn or heaviness problems. And it is established that it has more than 400 compounds that help relax the stomach, improve the gastrointestinal tract, promote digestion and even have a regularity in this regard. If you want to take it, you should know that you have many options for it. Thus, there are supplements against poor digestion that include it or you can take it alone, for example, as an infusion.


This substance you should know that it is one of the most important amino acids that exist. It is especially present in the muscle, in the plasma and also in the intestine. It is precisely because of the latter that it can be taken as a supplement to avoid heaviness after eating. Yes, because, apparently, it keeps the cells of the small intestine in perfect condition. The usual way to take this amino acid is in powder form. Of course, you have to take a piece of information into consideration and that is to follow the instructions on your packaging very well in terms of intake. Yes, L-glutamine should not be abused because if someone exceeds its consumption, they can suffer from nausea to problems going to the bathroom regularly


Of course, we cannot fail to mention that probiotics are also allies to reduce swelling, acidity or heaviness. They come to be 'good' bacteria that have been shown to facilitate digestion and ensure that the intestinal flora is in perfect condition. They can be taken well in the form of supplements, but also through foods that are considered to be natural probiotics. Among these we can establish that they are from kefir to kombucha through some cheeses and even natural yogurt.

Other supplements to improve digestion and reduce bloating

Those that we have indicated in the previous section are, without a doubt, some of the most suitable supplements to avoid the consequences of heavy digestion. But they are not the only ones, there are also others like these:

1.Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzyme supplements are recommended especially for those who have difficulty digesting lactose and gluten. These must be emphasized that they are responsible for breaking down the macronutrients of the food we eat. Exactly, lipases help digest fats, amylases do the same with carbohydrates and proteases that serve to break down proteins As a general rule, the intake of enzyme supplements is completely safe, but it is necessary to avoid exceeding their consumption. Yes, because going overboard with them can cause white stools and also nausea.

2.Elm extract

A botanical-type supplement, which is obtained from the bark of the tree that gives it its name, is this that should be taken into account in the same way to relieve heavy digestions. And it helps, for example, to reduce and prevent gas while swelling. Moreover, it is considered that it manages to maintain what are called good cells in the intestine. Currently, it can be found in both capsules and powder.


The function of probiotics is to offer food to the aforementioned good cells in the intestine so that they can grow and reproduce. They can be found as a supplement as is, but they can also be incorporated into the body by eating foods rich in said fibers . Among these are oats, leeks, asparagus, garlic and apples, for example. As you can see, there are many supplements that can help you put an end to those digestions that are annoying to you. It is a matter of taking action on the matter as soon as possible.
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