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We attended the First National Forum on Lifestyle and Health in Murcia!

Hi #Belevers, As you already know, at Be levels we always keep in mind that the dissemination of knowledge in the field that concerns us, supplementation for comprehensive health, must be a constant in our day to day with the aim of empowering ourselves and nurturing ourselves with everything we need to know. so that we enjoy the life we ​​deserve. Without a doubt, our most precious asset. Today, it is a privilege to be able to share with you that we are going to honor our mission: to disseminate awareness, in this case, at the First National Forum on Lifestyle and Health that is held on September 23 and 24 at the Víctor Auditorium . Villegas de Murcia .


We are very lucky to attend a transversal Congress where numerous professionals will take part to talk about health , care and prevention in the fight against cardiovascular risk . Our experts, both Dr. Antonio Hernández , Be levels Formulator and Integrative Medicine Specialist , as well as Phil Hugo , Pharmacist and another of our Formulators , will be present as speakers to fully enrich the vision we have about health. In addition, the event is organized by José Abellán Alemán , Doctor of Medicine , an expert in cardiovascular risk , and moderated by our beloved cardiologist , Doctor Abellán . What more could you want?


A picture is worth a thousand words, so we share with you through them the topics that our professionals will discuss during the two days of the Congress. It is a unique opportunity and a privilege to be there accompanied by such great professionals. In addition, our admired Sari Arponen , an expert Microbiota Internist , with whom we had the pleasure of talking about Evolutionary Medicine in one of our previous podcasts , will also be present at the Congress with her Microbiota presentation. To what extent does it matter? During the days that the Congress is held, we will be on site broadcasting it and disseminating knowledge, wisdom and expertise. I encourage you to be aware of all our social networks Instagram and Linkedin to keep you informed of all the details! Thank you #Belevers for betting on us on your path to a comprehensive life. The one we deserve. A hug!
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