¡Hola septiembre!

How to return to the post-holiday routine

Hello September!

I suppose that more than one @ has been caught by surprise, but the schedule does not lie. We are already in the month of reunions, restarts, in the month of resolutions, desire and a certain illusion (I am still excited to start a new notebook every September).

However, for many others, September is an uphill climb that can become too steep if not properly focused.

You have probably left home, you have shared time and space with family, friends. You have tried new experiences. You've gotten a little out of your gym routine, schedules. You have exposed yourself to social meals, which in most cases are beyond your control. You've probably exposed your body more.

With all that this entails and the internal struggles of each person, the motivation for a new course and the desire to want to compensate for the excesses of the holidays can turn against us.

Detox diets, green smoothies, fasting, 24/7 cardio, drastic caloric deficits...

Discipline is a very laudable virtue, but in excess it is suffocating. When the diet you are considering becomes intolerable, it is easy to return to previous habits, recovering all the weight lost, plus a few kilos as a gift. ring a bell?

Discipline is a limited resource. If we don't recharge it from time to time, it will be very difficult to reach the destination and forget about enjoying the road. But what if there was an easier way to get to the destination?

The holidays can be your ideal time to take a break and be less hard on ourselves. Today we explore how to incorporate them effectively and what tools to apply to get back on track.

Outside the guilt, I'll tell you the benefits of vacation rest

At the physiological level

Rest decreases metabolic adaptations related to “old school” diets. I will not get tired of repeating it, Brief Intermittent Fasting as a strategy raises metabolism. But, a prolonged caloric restriction, generates the opposite effect by reducing the levels of leptin, thyroid, tryptophan, body temperature and sex hormones. At the same time, cortisol and hunger hormones will rise.

on a psychological level

Let's remember that feeding ourselves has a strong emotional and social component. Living in permanent restriction will sooner or later damage the relationship with you, with your body and with others. A trip becomes more bearable if you know that there are stops from time to time. Have an aesthetic or performance goal that is part of your life and that you enjoy doing it.

Certain “stops” must be considered as part of the action plan!

But what does this imply about being flexible and giving myself a break?

Although there are scenarios and each person is different. Even in those people, who due to an alteration or pathology, the non-intake of certain foods is respected (gluten in the case of celiacs for example).

What is truly important here is the way in which the mind manages that flexibility.

Let's take the case of the person who cannot consume gluten, where does he do it from?

  • Option A: Worrying about the restaurants you are going to go to, with fear, tension, with guilt for thinking that you are not "following the plan."
  • Option B: Following a fluid gluten-free diet. Evaluate the options of each day without spending half your time, there are always options for these cases.

The ego wants to have everything under control, everything perfectly calculated. He does not usually like uncertainty, unforeseen events and vacations.

So, what to do to compensate for the excesses of the holidays?

NOTHING, yes, as you read, NOTHING! Eliminate excess of what? Of happiness? To share with yours? To disconnect from day to day?

The most important thing is to treat your body and mind as it deserves. Nourish him according to your requirements, and above all, do not resort to the famous "detox" protocols and fasts without conscience or common sense. This will generate more anxiety, causing you to not know how to manage it when you have a meal or social event again.

Food, food are like your friends!

There are many types. All with different characteristics and each one adds in some way to your life. Some contribute more, others contribute less and that is why we will spend more time with some than with others. But that doesn't mean we have to shut them all out of our lives.

We are much more than a body, a size or a number. Remember that we are here passing through and it is not worth wasting time on issues that do not add up to you or will add up to you.

I want you to be excited to start again or for any other matter. Living without illusion is not living, it is simply being around. By the way, no more!

Happy September!

Dew ?

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