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We enrich our Fem Balance for your physical and emotional well-being

  • Beneficial improvement of our insulin resistance .
  • Regulation of estrogen synthesis in women, which significantly helps to reduce the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome .
These are the 2 main additional improvements that you will notice thanks to the reformulation of our flagship product, Fem Balance . As you know, at Be levels we are constantly seeking the integral improvement of our clients so that they obtain an optimal quality of life, which they deserve. For this reason, today we are pleased to tell you about the two modifications that we have introduced in our Fem Balance and that, without a doubt, will further improve your menstrual cycle, alleviate all your symptoms and enrich your physical and emotional well-being.


You already know the power that our Inositol has: a polyalcoholic molecule with beneficial characteristics for our insulin sensitivity at the muscular level and the improvement of thyrocyte metabolism. Now, with the aim of improving the bioavailability of inositol, we have replaced it with Myo-inositol which, in its isomeric form, has been able to observe a greater efficacy of this compound and greater bioavailability .


Indole 3 has been removed from our Fem Balance due to recent changes in legislation and Broccoli Stem Dry Extract has been added. Sulforaphane is a polyphenolic antioxidant molecule that comes from broccoli and modulates estrogen synthesis in women . The addition of this ingredient in Fem Balance is extremely important given its positive influence on the regulation of estrogen synthesis, which has notable benefits for Premenstrual Syndrome. It is important to remember that Premenstrual Syndrome (SPM) is caused by a deficit of progesterone or high amounts of estrogen in a phase of the menstrual cycle that is not the one that corresponds. For this reason, our Fem Balance, which already acts as an estrogen detox , now favors its synthesis even more thanks to the inclusion of broccoli in its new composition. If you want to know in detail the main ways to relieve the symptoms of PMS, access this recent article that we have published on our blog. We hope that this new composition of our Fem Balance will enrich your quality of life. Because we deserve… #alifeworthliving .
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