Recommendations to prepare your body for a pregnancy

You are clear that the time has come to take the important step of being a mother. You dream of reaching this goal and you want to do everything in your power to achieve it. Hence, for example, it is essential that there are habits that you should avoid to boost your fertility . But not only this, you must also follow a series of recommendations to prepare your body for a pregnancy . These are tips that will help your body to be in the best possible conditions to allow the pregnancy to occur as you wish. Do you dare to discover them? Next, we present them to you.

Tips to prepare your body for pregnancy

Right now, millions of women around the world are trying to get pregnant just like you. They share with you the illusion of having a child and to achieve this dream it is essential to prepare the body in the best possible way. Yes, you have to 'work' for fertility and for the body to be in optimal conditions to welcome a new life. How to do this work? Complying strictly with the following maxims:

1. Eat a healthy, complete and balanced diet

It is recommended that everyone follow a healthy diet, but this is even more necessary when you want to be a mother. First, for a purely health issue. Second, because with food you can favor to a certain extent that the pregnancy arrives. Third, for the well-being of the future fetus. Specifically, among the most important dietary guidelines in this regard are the following:
  • Priority must be given to products such as fruits, legumes and vegetables.
  • Dairy should also be very present in the diet as well as foods rich in protein.
  • It is recommended to eat fish 2 or 3 times a week, minimizing what is rich in mercury.
In the same way, we cannot ignore that nutrition experts consider that there are certain foods that greatly influence fertility. Among those mentioned are pineapple, lentils, eggs, broccoli, pumpkin seeds or tangerines. important-broccoli-food-prepare-body-achieve-pregnancy

2.Start taking folic acid

Of course, you should know, as your gynecologist or family doctor will recommend when you explain your purpose of being a mother, that it is important that you start taking the aforementioned folic acid . It is because, among other things, it will considerably reduce the chances that the baby may suffer a congenital anomaly.

3.Get as complete a medical check-up as possible

Another of the basic recommendations to prepare your body for a pregnancy is to have an analysis done. In this way, you will be able to know if your health is in good condition or if you have some parameter that you need to improve before the pregnancy arrives. We are referring to issues such as cholesterol, sugar, iron...

4.Trust specific plugins

Another tip that you should keep in mind is that there are different supplements on the market that are specifically created to promote fertility. An example of this is that at Be Levels we have Fertility Formula , which is made up of 30 sachets of 8 grams each. This product, which is made up of elements such as inositol, melatonin or methyl folate, improves the quality of the eggs, balances the hormonal system, improves the immune system and even increases the chances of implantation of the embryo in the uterus. be-levels-complement-prepare-body-achieve-pregnancy

5. Exercise regularly

To all the indications already exposed, we must add that it is essential to start exercising frequently. Thanks to it, the body will be strengthened, stress will be released, rest will be favored and greater health will be enjoyed. Goals all of which are essential when it comes to achieving the desired pregnancy. Of course, we cannot ignore that once you have decided to take the step of having a child, there are two other issues that you must keep in mind. We are referring to checking if you are up to date with all the relevant vaccinations and to consult with your doctor if the medication you are taking for any reason is counterproductive or not to achieve pregnancy.

6. Use an ovulation calculator

You can use our ovulation calculator to find out which days are most conducive to getting pregnant based on your last period. Calculating your fertile days can help you promote pregnancy.
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