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What is collagen and what are its benefits?

From a few years to now in our society there is increasing interest and more demand for supplements that can help us improve our health, our performance and even our sexual life. And precisely among all of them there is one who has managed to be talked about a lot. We are referring to collagen .

In this article, what we want is to teach you to know perfectly what it is, what it is for and what benefits it brings us. Prepare to take notes.

what is collagen

The first thing you have to know is that collagen is the most abundant protein in our body . And it is present in our skin, muscle tissue, hair, blood vessels, gums, tendons and cartilage... It is an essential component in all these parts of it, where it performs a main function: keep their structures together in the best conditions.

There are twenty-one different types of collagen, among which we can highlight the following:

  • Type I, which is the one in the bones, dermis, cornea, or tendons.

  • Type II, which is found mainly in cartilage.

  • Type XIV, found in the bone marrow.

  • Type XXI, which has been found, for example, in the gums.

In the same way, you should know that the body produces this protein naturally. However, this changes remarkably when we reach 40 years of age. From this moment on, production is reduced by half. And that is when we can begin to suffer the consequences of this situation, so it is the ideal time to take it as a complement.

What is collagen for and its benefits?

The protein that is the protagonist of this article, we have already indicated the main function it has, to unite the "connective tissues". And in relation to it, it has other really important tasks, among which the following stand out in a special way:

  • Helps joints and muscles work the right way . In this way, what it does is prevent us from suffering injuries to them.

  • It gives firmness and flexibility to the skin , to which it also provides a good dose of hydration.

  • It considerably strengthens both the nails and the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of collagen

Studies carried out on collagen come to determine that once we reach the age of 25 we begin to produce less of it naturally. However, as we have already indicated, it is after the age of 40 when said reduction becomes more palpable and begins to generate complications. Thus, since then, having less presence of said protein brings with it osteoporosis problems, the appearance of wrinkles, weakening of hair and nails, joint pain...

For this reason, the demand for collagen supplements has increased, which can be found for sale in pill, powder or liquid form.

At this point, we want to help you so that you can be clear if the time has come for you to incorporate them into your life. And for this we are going to expose you the pros and cons of doing it.

Collagen Advantages

Whatever the appearance, it is undeniable that supplementing the diet with collagen supplements is something very beneficial. You just have to see all the positive they bring:

  • They reduce the pain that can be felt in the joints , while improving their mobility.

  • They help reduce wrinkles , as they provide elasticity and hydration to the skin. Hence, they also do their bit to prevent the appearance of so-called expression lines.

  • They strengthen the nails and, in the same way, they do it with the hair.

  • They nourish the muscles , with which you can achieve a better state of the same and, if you do sports, a greater toning of them.

  • In the same way, it is necessary to highlight the fact that collagen supplements are also recommended to improve visual health . It is considered that they help prevent certain diseases that have to do with it.

  • They are a good ally to prevent or deal with osteoporosis .

  • They help keep blood pressure under control .

  • They improve what is cardiovascular health , which is an important step to reduce the risks of suffering from heart disease, for example.

In general, these are the most positive aspects that the incorporation of collagen into our diet brings with it and that are scientifically proven. Of course, we must not forget that, according to specific studies, they can also be used to reduce anxiety and even to lose weight.

Disadvantages of collagen supplements

At all times, we want you to know the reality of these protein supplements in question. For this reason, we are not going to hesitate to tell you that it is true that they have an aspect against them. We are referring to the fact that in very specific cases, they can cause the person who takes them to feel heartburn, stomach heaviness or a bad taste in the mouth.

You already have all the information you need to know about collagen. Now it is up to you to decide what to do about introducing it into your diet.

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