protein treatment for hair

Numerous people around the world have a problem with their hair, such as hair loss , very brittle hair, that does not look shiny... And in many of these cases the cause may be a lack of protein in it. .

For this reason, what you have to do is, without a doubt, resort to one of the protein treatments for hair that exist on the market. These, which are usually presented in the form of a mask, not only proceed to solve the specific problem of the former, but also help to protect it for the future.

How do you know whether to resort to a protein treatment for hair?

As we have mentioned, there are different situations that may be affecting our hair, but when it is recommended to resort to protein as an aid, it is in specific cases. Exactly when, as we commonly say, it looks like straw. That is, when our hair is very dry and breaks easily.

In the same way, it will also be necessary to opt for a protein treatment when it loses elasticity and when it seems to lack strength.

The benefits of treating your hair with protein

More and more people choose to make their hair look as radiant as it once was by resorting to a protein treatment, when they discover that the lack of it is the problem. And it is that with this procedure they will achieve benefits as important as the following:

  1. Facilitates hair growth . This occurs because the protein will provide health and this will mean that it begins to grow faster than before.

  2. Repairs hair and prevents it from breaking easily. It will make the 'strands' much stronger and, at the same time, more defined.

  3. Put an end to flaking scalp.

  4. Nourishes hair follicles .

  5. It makes the hair look much brighter and, at the same time, much softer.

  6. It allows to have under control the usual problem of split ends

The keys to hair protein treatments: how to use them and how often

If it is important to know if the lack of protein is the cause of the hair problem that you have, it is no less important to use the treatment that is going to be used properly. In this case, a series of important recommendations must be followed:

  • Always apply it to damp hair and from the roots to the ends. It can be administered using a wide-toothed comb, although the fingertips will suffice. Then, you have to let it act for the indicated time, covering your hair with a shower cap or collecting it in a bun.

  • In the same way, during this process of waiting for the action of the mask that is being used, it is necessary to know that a good ally for it to have its proper effect is heat. For this reason, you can pass the dryer through your hair a little, making circular movements, or directly allowing the steam from the hot water in the shower to help.

  • Once the indicated minutes have elapsed, you must follow the subsequent instructions, which will possibly be to wash your hair with the usual shampoo.

The frequency with which you use the protein product will depend on the hairstyle that is usually worn and also on the porosity of the hair. Thus, the experts come to indicate that if you always wear a bow or ponytail or use the iron to comb your hair, you will need more protein. Of course, the first month it is recommended to use it once a week, as a general rule.

From then on, low and medium porosity hair should use it once a month, high porosity hair between one and two times a month and the most damaged hair up to a maximum of three times in that month.

Likewise, it is really important that the treatment is followed to the letter, with the indications that are given in it. If you go too far with that, you will reach a situation that you will not want at all and that is not beneficial at all. What will happen is that the hair, for example, will become much more brittle even than it was before.

The best protein treatments for hair

On the market there are many treatments of this type to show off enviable hair and you just have to opt for the one that gives you the most confidence or the one with your favorite proteins: rice, corn, beer, soy...

Likewise, we cannot forget that we are also going to find supplements for sale that help considerably to show off impeccable hair. And this would be the case, for example, of Hair Support .

At Be Levels we have this supplement that comes in capsule format and that not only strengthens hair but also prevents hair loss. And it achieves this thanks to its composition of Saw Palmetto, L-Arginine and Ginkgo Biloba. In the same way, it helps prevent the appearance of dandruff, gives it volume and also helps reduce the appearance of gray hair.

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