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Non-functional stomach

Non-functional stomach

By: Mariana Arostegui

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The health protocol for Working on a non-functional stomach has been prepared by Mariana Aróstegui , a biologist specialized in human microbiota, clinical nutrition and digestive pathologies, and offers you the necessary tools to identify if you suffer from any digestive pathology , and what you should do to prevent it. put an end to its associated symptoms , such as abdominal swelling, heartburn, reflux, heaviness, among others.

This protocol is for you if...
  • You have been diagnosed with : non-functional stomach, hypochlorhydria, functional dyspepsia, gastritis processes, episodes after Helicobacter Pylori, etc.
  • You have symptoms such as : bloating just after eating, poor digestion, belching, heartburn or reflux, heaviness, gas after meals, bad taste in the mouth, white tongue, pasty mouth, etc.
Our Gut Day in combination with Chill Mood form the perfect combo to recover the functionality of the stomach .
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