How much hair grows per month?

It has happened to all of us at some time that we have found ourselves with a haircut that we did not like or with a hairstyle that we needed to change. At that moment, despair has led us to ask ourselves , how much hair grows per month? And it is that we wanted to end as soon as possible with that aspect that made our image ugly. Possibly you have gone through that same situation, but you have not resolved the aforementioned doubt. However, that is so far. Yes, because in this article we are going to really explain to you how much your hair develops on a monthly basis.

The truth about monthly hair growth in centimeters

As long as a person is healthy and does not have any problems related to their hair, they should know that their hair will grow between 0.6 and 1.27 centimeters approximately per month. Moreover, it is also interesting to know in this regard that it has a life cycle that is made up of four significant phases:
  • Anagen stage, which is the phase in which hair grows. It is the longest of the entire aforementioned cycle and can last from one to several years.
  • Catagen stage, which can last up to ten days. It is the final phase of growth and during it what usually happens is that the hair follicle retracts.
  • Telogen stage, which is when the hair does not grow, but is still attached to the follicle. Its duration is usually around three months.
  • Exogenous stage, which is the last of the cycle. In it, what happens is that the hair separates from the aforementioned follicle. It is established that during it, between 50 and 150 hairs a day can fall out.

How much hair grows each month

Hair grows an average of 1 cm per month, varying depending on the characteristics of each hair . That being said, let's see how much it grows month by month.

- How much hair grows in a month

Hair grows about 0.6 cm in a month. in the scalps that have the most difficulty assimilating growth and up to 1.27 cm. in those that have a greater ease of growth.

- How much hair grows in 2 months

Previously seen the monthly growth, the hair grows in two months between 1.20 cm. and 1 inch.

- How much hair grows in 3 months

By this same calculation, hair grows in three months between 1.80 cm. and 1.5 in. long. Keep in mind that this is normal hair growth as long as you do not take any type of supplement such as the Hair Support that we will talk about later . If you nourish the hair with this type of product, the hair will grow more and be more resistant.

Factors that influence hair growth

As we have mentioned, if there is no problem, the hair grows monthly like the one mentioned in the previous point. However, there are difficulties and obstacles for it to develop normally. Specifically, among the factors that most influence it are the following:
  • Hair loss , which can be caused by a large number of causes.
  • Hormonal changes, especially in women after pregnancy and subsequent childbirth.
  • A lifestyle where everything from a poor diet to stress and a lack of vitamins are present.
  • Chronic diseases.
This without forgetting that the intake of certain medications, such as antidepressants and anticoagulants, as well as thyroid problems, also negatively influence hair development, without forgetting the use of particularly tight hairstyles. problemas-crecimiento-pelo

Tips to improve hair growth every month

If it is important to know all the information that we have given you so far, it is equally important to be clear that it is in your power to a great extent to favor or improve that your hair grows optimally. You just have to follow recommendations as significant as these:

1.Take specific supplements

In the market you will find certain supplements that you can ingest in order to significantly improve your hair health. And precisely among these is one that we have for sale at Be Levels: Hair Support . Sold in capsule format, it is perfect for both men and women and has nine natural active ingredients. It should be noted that it promotes hair revitalization, that it prevents the appearance of gray hair and that it gives hair not only more strength but also more volume. suplemento-crecimiento-cabello

2.Perform hair treatments and massages

In the same way, another good option is to resort to the use of different hair treatments , such as masks, which are highly effective as long as they are applied through massages. And it is that the latest studies carried out in this sense have come to show that they achieve, among other things, that the hairs increase in thickness.

3. Follow a good hair cleaning routine

It goes without saying that it also favors the growth of the mane by carrying out an adequate and periodic cleaning of it. We are referring to both washing the hair, with the frequency that its characteristics require, and the use of quality products during it.

4.Put yourself in the hands of a trichologist

In this list of tips for hair development, we cannot fail to include that it is also convenient to trust a professional specialized in hair health. Yes, to a trichologist. Specifically, it is recommended to go to the aforementioned specialist's office when you really want to know the state of your hair or when you have a problem with hair loss or the like that is worrying you. He will analyze the situation and determine the measures to be taken in case they are necessary to improve the appearance of the mane.
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