One for all and all for one

Hello Bellers, After many months of work, research, reformulations and many other challenges, today we are here because we have news that has us more excited than a child with a new bike and we really want to share it with you. As always, we invite you to continue telling us your concerns and experiences to continue growing together.


As you well know, Be levels was born with the clear objective of combining active ingredients in master formulas that you used to find in more than 5 supplements and which involved taking up to 30 tablets a day. Integrating these active principles and getting them to act in synergy we manage to give you the best results and incidentally (everything is said), why not, make life a little easier. Your opinions make us improve, and having a 4.6 / 5 in opinions does not make us lower our guard, but rather realize that we still have room for improvement . The clear example was the change of our Best Seller Wake Up Mood , from which you suggested we drop from 5 to 3 tablets, and after 6 months of reformulation , we achieved it . We will not ask you to seek continuous improvement if we are not the first to do so from the Be levels family. From listening to both you Be levers and the fantastic community of professionals that accompanies us , you let us know that "you are missing something Be levels". Statements like “Hi Amelia! where can i find your collagen? ”, “Hey Jon, when is magnesium?”, “When is protein be levels?” ... We come to the following conclusion:

"Our community wants a new line of plugins"


Why Essentials and not 'basics' or 'supplements'? For the following two reasons:
  1. From Be levels we only bet on the highest quality. As always, we have relied on the best available patents and exceptional active ingredients.
  2. Because we don't like supplements. We like accessories that come to add to your day to day, and help you with some lack that the rhythm of day to day brings out in all of us. Our products always come to complement (you), not replace.
We are not going to reveal the accessories that are coming yet, but soon you will be able to enjoy them on our website and commercial network.


And why Be levels? Because you don't play with health. The current situation, reinforced by the current paradigm, has made us even more aware of the gift that life is , and that, being here, we have an obligation to ourselves to seek the best version of ourselves. No, we do not believe in clichés of “if you don't do it for yourself, do it for those who love you”. Do it for you , and without a doubt, when you shine, the rest are benefited and shine with you. For this reason, as with health, at Be levels we never negotiate quality. It takes a lot to earn your trust. We are honored that you are committed to our project and our way of seeing life. For this reason, we always bet on the highest quality ingredients, because we know that, in the long run, they make a difference. Thank you Be levers for continuing to make us dream of a life to live it. A hug, Jon
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