Best supplements to improve energy naturally

Feeling exhausted, without 'batteries' to be able to face the working day or having fatigue are sensations that we have all felt at some time. And they have made us reject plans, feel unproductive, unmotivated and even without the ability to concentrate. How can you avoid feeling this way? Well, basically being clear in the first place that those responsible for our energy are the mitochondria, which are the cellular organelles in which ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is produced. This element is what makes our body feel active and functioning. Hence, when those collapse is when exhaustion appears. How to manage to activate the mitochondria and get them to perform this function properly? How to have more energy ? Well, there are different ways and one of them is resorting to the best supplements that exist to improve energy naturally .

Basic supplements to increase energy

On the market you will come across a large number of supplements whose main objective is that you can increase your energy considerably. And among all these you should know that there are some that are considered to be the basic ones. Among these are the following:

Vitamin D

One of the most common health problems that exist in our population is the lack of this vitamin and this situation causes the person to have fatigue and feel tired. Therefore, a good way to alleviate the situation is by taking a vitamin D supplement.


This other basic supplement is the one that all those people who have nutrient deficiencies for different reasons usually resort to. Thanks to its intake, they can improve their energy and, of course, favor their metabolism.

Omega 3

Of course, it should not be overlooked that Omega 3 is also included in this list, which is healthy for the body and suitable for the purpose of this article. Also, without forgetting other equally interesting and effective supplements such as magnesium, vitamin B, L-Carnitine or creatine.

Best supplements to increase energy and reduce fatigue

In addition to the basic supplements, we must take into account the existence of others that also fulfill the same function and that we now put at your fingertips from Be Levels:
  • Wake Up Mood . In packages of 90 capsules you can buy this product that enhances the energy of those who take it. In addition, it keeps stress at bay, significantly improves mood and helps increase memory. It is suitable for vegans and has nine natural ingredients such as L-Carnitine or L-Tyrosine.
  • Energy 3 , which is especially indicated to have the highest energy during the practice of physical exercise. It provides nine essential amino acids, is gluten-free and comes in lemon-flavored powdered solution format.
  • Keto Sport , which, like the previous product, is also indicated for athletes, in this case for those who want to obtain high performance. It is powdered, lemon flavored, and contains coconut MCTs.

Improve energy through food

Of course, it is important that you be aware that, in the same way, we can contribute to increasing the energy we have or get the one we lack through diet. We can exactly make the mitochondria perform their function in the best possible way by presenting three elements in our diet:
  • Carbohydrates , which can be found in many fruits and vegetables, in cereals such as oats, in potatoes, in pasta or in rice.
  • Proteins , which stimulate the aforementioned cell organelles. The most appropriate and complete are those of animal origin, which have a high biological value. Among the foods that have them are eggs, dairy products, lean meat and fish.
  • Healthy fats , which also help mitochondria in their job of preventing fatigue from taking over our bodies. Among the richest foods in them is olive oil.

Other tips to increase energy naturally

As you can see, there are supplements that you have at your fingertips to increase your energy and you can also help them by following a healthy, complete and balanced diet. But there is still more. In the same way, you can manage to put aside feeling 'without batteries' by following these other recommendations:
  • Keep stress under control at all times, which is a notable enemy of energy.
  • Exercise regularly and, of course, correctly because this favors the function of mitochondria.
  • Rest properly , that is, sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day and in optimal conditions.
  • Get rid of the energy thieves you may have, such as toxic people, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, junk food...
Make environmental toxins as little present in your life. We are referring to the harmful substances that can be found in food, in the air, in the water...
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