alimentos para bajar el colesterol

Foods to lower cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance that is part of our body and is essential to carry out certain functions related, for example, to hormones. Precisely because of the important role it plays, it must be adequately controlled periodically through analytics. And this can lead to the discovery that the so-called bad cholesterol, LDL, is high. Faced with this situation, measures must be taken as soon as possible, because this situation can lead to heart disease. Hence, you have to put yourself in the hands of the doctor, who will establish the appropriate treatment. But this is also compatible with changes in the diet, which we are going to talk about right now. Yes, we are going to introduce you to some of the best foods to lower cholesterol . So take note.

The best foods to lower cholesterol

When it is discovered that you have high bad cholesterol it is necessary to introduce changes in your diet. And this happens by giving more prominence in it to the following products:


These are some of the foods that are considered to contribute the most to achieving the objective at hand. Specifically, among the varieties that stand out for their work in this regard are these:
  • The apple, which thanks to its pectin fiber better absorbs cholesterol reserves and eliminates toxins.
  • The avocado, because it is very rich in fiber and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • The plum, also for the aforementioned pectin.
  • Citrus fruits like oranges, because the vitamin C they provide the body serves to protect the cardiovascular system while reducing the amount of folic acid that can cause high cholesterol.

2. Legumes

In the same way, it must be taken into account that these must also be included in the diet. And it is that they are very rich in fiber, favoring the LDL to be within normal values. Among these it is considered that the most beneficial are soybeans, lentils and peas. legumes lower cholesterol

3. Fish rich in omega 3

In this list we could not fail to include the so-called blue fish, since it helps to eliminate bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, HDL, thanks to the omega 3 in which it is rich. This means, therefore, that you should eat sardines, mackerel, anchovies, tuna, salmon...

4. Extra virgin olive oil

The so-called liquid gold you should keep in mind that it will also help you combat high cholesterol levels. The oleic acid that it possesses serves to achieve the aforementioned objective and even to raise HDL. Hence, you should use it yes or yes when dressing your salads, for example.


Vegetables are very healthy foods that we should all take, especially those who have cholesterol problems. Specifically, green leafy ones, such as spinach. And that's because, in addition to fiber, they contain stanols and sterols that allow the body to 'assimilate' cholesterol from certain foods much better. vegetables to lower cholesterol


Nuts are also considered to be important foods when it comes to reducing high levels of bad cholesterol. And especially nuts. Why? Because they are rich in both fiber and polyunsaturated fats, which will increase good cholesterol.

7. Whole grains

We are going to close this list with these other foods, which are great allies when it comes to reaching the goal we are addressing. They are because they make a large contribution of soluble fiber to the body, which helps eliminate cholesterol. Of all the varieties of them, one of the most recommended is oats. Of course, we cannot deny that eggplant, tomato and flax seeds should also be included in the diet.

Other tips to stop having high cholesterol

Introducing changes in the diet, in addition to the relevant medical treatment, is an essential measure to achieve cholesterol at adequate levels. But you also have to carry out other actions, such as these:
  • Reduce the amount of salt you take.
  • Minimize or eliminate consumption of foods high in saturated and trans fats, such as chips, crackers, and processed foods.
  • Rely on supplements that help achieve the aforementioned goal. Thus, for example, it is a great option to take berberine . At Be Levels we have it, which is presented in capsule format and which also helps to improve metabolism and keep blood sugar levels under control.
  • Stop using tobacco and alcohol.
  • Lose weight.
  • Practice exercise regularly.
Following all these recommendations, you will lower your bad cholesterol yes or yes.
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