How to prepare sweet potato gnocchi

With the arrival of autumn, nature offers us new foods with which to nourish ourselves and feel full of energy. One way to be well connected with Mother Earth is to consume what she offers us in each season of the year.

Today we are going to give ourselves a culinary tribute with the sweet potato as the protagonist.

sweet potato

The sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, is a tuber that Columbus reportedly brought from Haiti. Nutritionally it is a very balanced food that, due to its high fiber content, can help with weight loss. It is characterized by its sweet taste but its glycemic load is 7. This means that glucose passes into the blood without causing sudden rises in insulin. That is why, in moderation, it is indicated for diabetics.

It also stands out for its content in vitamins C, B6, B5, B1, B2, manganese, potassium, copper and iron.

Thanks to its beta-carotene content, it prevents us from cataracts. It also participates in the good condition of the bones. It helps us detoxify the body and according to traditional Chinese medicine, it benefits the spleen and lungs. It warms us and strengthens our organism.

That being said, how about a delicious, healthy dish that fills our bodies with nutrients, vitality and good warmth?

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For two:

  • 1 cooked sweet potato
  • 200g rice flour
  • Salt and nutmeg to taste


  1. Cook the sweet potato in the oven (30 - 40 min depending on the size)
  2. Peel it and with the help of a fork crush
  3. Add salt, nutmeg and flour
  4. Mix it all and shape it into churros and then cut it into pieces
  5. We put water in a pot and when it starts to boil we add the gnocchis (in a couple of minutes they will float and it will be the sign that they are ready)
  6. You can serve them as is or accompany them with asparagus and sautéed eggplant
  7. Bathe them in a delicious sauce of crushed cashews with nutritional yeast, a little water and garlic powder


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