Symptoms that indicate a lack of vitamin C in your body

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of the body, as it contributes to growth, protects our cells and even acts as an ally to prevent a wide variety of diseases. For this reason, you need to be very aware of certain symptoms that indicate a lack of vitamin C in your body . These are symptoms that will make you realize that you have to start taking measures to make up for the lack of the aforementioned ascorbic acid. Yes, so that you start eating foods rich in vitamin C or supplements, such as our Vitamin C Liposomal supplement . Keep reading and you will know what those signs are that you should be very alert to.

The main symptoms of lack of vitamin C

We cannot deny that there are several indications that indicate that action must be taken in the face of a deficiency of said vitamin. But it is no less true that among the most common are the following:

1. Constant feeling of tiredness

Many are the people who, when they have low levels of the nutrient in question, feel very tired continuously. Yes, they are fatigued when they have not made any great effort or when they recognize that they have rested properly. But what's more, we must bear in mind that even in some cases said fatigue ends up giving rise to what is scurvy. This is a disease that occurs when there is a very severe deficiency of vitamin C and requires immediate contact with medical professionals.

2.Increased hair loss

In the same way, another indication of the problem we are addressing is that the hair begins to fall out in greater quantities . It is true that this symptom may have another cause, but vitamin C deficiency is one of the most frequent. What's more, this problem can also lead to dandruff and even hair that is much weaker than normal. descubre-caida-pelo-sintoma-carencia-vitamina-c

3. Skin dryness increases

If the hair can look much drier due to a lack of ascorbic acid, the skin can also suffer the same consequence. This depends a lot on the aforementioned vitamin, since it is what makes it shinier, softer and even much more elastic. It achieves this thanks to the fact that it favors, for example, the formation of collagen. Precisely for this reason, the skin is one of the parts of the body that can most help us to detect early that there is a deficiency in the nutrient we are treating.

Other symptoms that warn of a vitamin C deficiency

As we have indicated, the signs in the previous section are the ones that usually alert that there is a lack of vitamin and, therefore, it is necessary to act quickly to resolve this situation. But we cannot deny that there are others that, although they are not as frequent, can also warn of it:

1. Irritability and mood swings

There may be many reasons why a person may experience constant mood swings and be more irritated than normal for no reason. And one of those may be the vitamin deficiency that we are now addressing. Yes, because vitamin C is responsible, among other things, for getting stress under control and for us to have a positive mood. descubre-cambio-humor-sintoma-carencia-vitamina-c

2. Common infections

An indication that there is not enough ascorbic acid in the body is also that infections are suffered very recurrently, especially urinary infections. And it is that it contributes to the body having its defenses in the best conditions. In general terms, we can establish that the indicated ones are the most frequent signs that we must take into account to discover if we suffer from a lack of vitamin C. Of course, we must not ignore others that also warn us of the same problem. We are referring to muscle pain, joint pain, changes in the gums that turn a more purple color and even wounds that do not heal well. Before any of these, you have to put yourself in the hands of a doctor to indicate if this is really the problem you have and so that, if certified, establish the foods or supplements that should be ingested. In this way, it will be achieved that in a maximum of two weeks the aforementioned symptoms have disappeared and the body is fully and correctly functioning again.
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