How to lower blood pressure

One of the health problems that most people have, in addition to high cholesterol or suffering from diabetes, is having high blood pressure. In this article we are going to present how to lower blood pressure . Yes, because it is very important that it is at the right levels, since if it rises it can cause everything from headaches to kidney and heart problems, including memory difficulties, among other things.

How to lower blood pressure with simple habits

If you have hypertension problems you should take action as soon as possible. Of course, the first and most important thing is that you follow the treatment indicated by your doctor. And, in a complementary way, you have to put the following recommendations into practice:

1. Quit smoking

One of the essential tips to follow to stop having high blood pressure is to put tobacco aside. And it is that the consumption of this favors that you suffer the problem that we are addressing in this article. Moreover, it also increases the risk of suffering from some type of cardiovascular disease.

2.Reduce caffeine consumption

Likewise, it's important to significantly reduce the amount of caffeinated foods and beverages you drink. Yes, because she also increases the tension. For this reason, as much as possible, do not abuse coffee or cola drinks, for example, as well as tea. Here we show you several alternatives to coffee that can serve you. know-reduce-caffeine-lower-blood-pressure

3. Reduce stress

In this list of tips to lower blood pressure we could not fail to include this other one. And it is considered that the aforementioned stress can end up causing problems with blood pressure, specifically because it increases it. How to reduce it? Well, relativizing problems, finding time for yourself and your hobbies every day, not demanding too much of yourself, practicing meditation...

4.Exercise regularly

It goes without saying that, as with so many health problems, another tool to achieve the goal at hand is to practice sports on a regular basis. Specifically, the ideal would be to go for a half-hour walk every day at a good pace and then do another type of exercise, at least two or three days a week. Swimming, bicycling, and even dancing are some of the most fun and helpful physical activities for keeping your blood pressure at healthy levels.

5.Reduce the consumption of certain foods

In the same way, you should note that another thing you can do to end your aforementioned health problem is to reduce or even end, in some cases, the intake of certain foods that do not exactly favor blood pressure. We are referring specifically to those with added sugars, salt and those with refined carbohydrates. Instead, what you have to do is increase the amount of foods rich in potassium and calcium that you eat . And it is that these serve to lower blood pressure. Among them are bananas, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, oranges, avocados, tuna, nuts, potatoes, milk, yogurt... discover-banana-lower-blood-pressure

6. Rest properly

Also, keep in mind that it is vital that you sleep well and the number of hours necessary for you to find yourself rested. Yes, because a poor quality of sleep favors the rise in blood pressure. How to achieve a good sleep daily between 7 and 8 hours? Basically establishing habits such as going to bed at the same time, eating a light dinner, not using mobile phones or tablets in the room, reducing the time you take a nap to a maximum of 30 minutes...

7.Trust the supplements

To conclude the list of recommendations on how to lower blood pressure, we are going to indicate that there are also supplements that you can take and that will help you do so. This would be the case, for example, of whey protein and berberine . This last product that we have at Be Levels is also beneficial for reducing 'bad' cholesterol levels. know-berberine-lower-blood-pressure In general, these are the most important tips that you must strictly adhere to in order to solve your exposed health problem as soon as possible. And to them we can add that you should also reduce alcohol consumption and keep your weight at bay.
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