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New Year's resolutions. New me?

The resolutions that are repeated the most for the New Year are to play sports and eat healthy, however they are the most difficult to comply with. January arrives and you go to the supermarket to fill the fridge with broccoli and lettuce, we ask Reyes for the latest outfit to go running and we sign up for the gym with the intention of going five days a week, whatever the cost. Why is it so hard for us to maintain everything we set out to do?

1. Why do we have a hard time making New Year's resolutions last?

There are several reasons and, of course, there is no single answer for all. One of the reasons is the rush . We want to have results in a few weeks, with little effort and without being aware that our mind has pre-established habits that we cannot easily change overnight. Not fulfilling all this list of purposes makes us feel frustrated and angry with ourselves, that we think that we are not capable of eating healthy and doing sports and, as a consequence, we let go to return to our past habits. Another reason why we usually give up on these resolutions is because we find it difficult to find the middle ground between being 100% strict with our habits and abandoning them. It is difficult for us to move in that gray scale between black and white, "either I go on a strict diet or I eat my cereal with milk every morning again."

2. How to start doing sports and eating healthy?

To achieve all your New Year's resolutions, my advice is:

2.1. Choose an activity that motivates you

Intrinsic motivation is the most important when it comes to sticking to a habit. If your goal is purely aesthetic or because you want to look like someone else, your motivation will last a newscast. You must find that activity that makes you have a good time, enjoy it, whatever it is. There are many people that the gym is not for them and, therefore, we should not force ourselves. We can sign up for contemporary dance classes, capoeira, climbing, martial arts, acroyoga, CrossFit, team sports... There are endless options!

2.2. Set a goal a week

Empathy with yourself is essential, if you do not dialogue with your mind or treat yourself with understanding, you will end up returning to previous habits. According to University College London, it takes 66 days to incorporate a new behavior into our routine and make it stick. How are we going to go from having none to having 10 in a week? Write down 2-5 goals and launch a new one every two weeks on a daily basis. In this way, you will be able to activate the brain's reward mechanism for having achieved what you propose.

23. Organize your meals

We are surrounded by different opinions, looking like headless chickens for the star diet that will be the solution to your problems. Well, that diet does not exist nor will it exist. Each person is totally different and, therefore, their requirements will be different. If your New Year's resolution is to start eating well, start by organizing three meals a day at the same time : the Harvard plate is a very easy tool to start eating healthy and will help you organize your meals without breaking your head too much . Do not try to be a Taliban with you, if you feel like going out to eat with friends or if the first few months you return to your previous habits, do not worry! Continue as you had proposed, nothing happens for not eating what we do not consider healthy a few times a week. As always: move between the grayscale! harvard plate

2.4. Increase protein and water intake

Protein is the most important macronutrient in our diet and the one that is most scarce in our diet today. Think that your body is made up mostly of proteins: enzymes, tissues and organs, immunoglobulins... Therefore, in order to have a functional body we must deliver the raw material to be able to carry out the renewal of all those elements; logically in conjunction with the necessary contribution of vitamins, minerals, fats or / and carbohydrates and water. Increasing protein consumption will help you feel more satisfied, gain muscle mass, better bone density, recover before injury, and much more. We recommend 1.4 to 1.8gr per kg of weight depending on the level of physical activity.

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You no longer have any more excuses, this end of the year take a notebook, a pen and a special place and state what your New Year's resolutions are. It will help you focus your energy and attract what you want and, as always, being realistic and empathetic with ourselves. "To create a habit you must think about what you are going to get and not what you are going to leave"
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