¿Qué hay detrás de las mejores barritas Keto del mercado?

What is behind the best Keto bars on the market?

Our founders tell us all the details

Why Keto Bar?

Surely many of you are wondering: why bars? What leads Be levels to bring this new product to the market? The answer is quick: for you . “ Many people were waiting for us to get "in their pantry" with a product that respected our values: betting on the best raw materials and their correct dosage. We always insist that food is one of the pillars on which people's health is based, and we have seen it clear to create a product that is part of this and that is ideal for our #beleverls to enjoy in their day to day ”, explains our Co-CEO, Javier Echanove. Therefore, taking into consideration your requests, we accept the challenge, although the process, in this case, has not been so fast; More than 24 months have elapsed for its development . “ It is what happens when you want to do something new, different and to which no one is used to ”, Javier points out. But the objective was clear from the beginning: to introduce the correct proportion high in fat and protein , while maintaining a drinking experience with a crunchy touch. “ We have achieved this by contributing up to 40% of the content of the bar in lumps of the highest quality dried fruit and introducing some small protein chips. And, in addition, there has been extensive work to identify the right chocolate coating, free of sugars and a titanic job to achieve a rich flavor and a very controlled sweet touch ”, says Jon Prada, Co-CEO of Be levels. And this is how we present it, as the most authentic Keto bar on the market!

Two flavors, two nuts

Everyone knows that the combination of hazelnut with chocolate has a very long and well-known history. The market is full of alternatives, but most of them have abused undesirable ingredients for health. At Be levels, we wanted to create our own version of this classic. We have not settled for the most common chocolates on the market, and we have invested several thousand euros in a very specific one that perfectly manages to generate the sensation we were looking for when taking a bite of the bar. Throughout this long, but motivating process, we have taken care of even the smallest details, which is why we have used, among other ingredients, Himalayan pink salt instead of resorting to a traditional one. And the icing on the cake is provided with a more personal touch by combining pistachio with white chocolate . “We have done it this way because it is our favorite combination, using one of nature's noblest nuts and a softer-flavored coating that allows you to enjoy the flavor of pistachio”, explains Rocío Périz, Co-Founder of Be levels and Integrative Nutritionist.

Maximum enjoyment in the purest style a life worth living

Producing a new product is always very satisfying, but for us, it is even more satisfying to be able to accompany thousands of people on a daily basis. Generate a small oasis of enjoyment in that break to "gather strength" and be able to continue with your daily tasks. That boost of energy that is needed when we need it most! That's where Keto Bar falls in love. Without a doubt, we hope that it will become that product that people use for their moments in connection with nature or 'on the go', whether it is a route through the countryside or a day of skiing in the mountains. “ The nutritional strength of the 40g of each bar will surprise many people ”, exclaims Javier. And so we want it to happen. KETO are you going to lose it? ? The most authentic Keto Bar on the market awaits you . ??

This was the launch of Keto Bar: together with our trusted #belevers

Do not miss how we live this great moment: presentation of our protein bars on the Third Anniversary of Be levels on June 1 together with our trusted professionals and most loyal customers. Our Co-CEO, Javier Echanove, gives you some very warm, honest and humble words in our latest Linkedin post talking about it.
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