cómo ganar masa muscular en la mujer yfalsos mitos

How to gain muscle mass in women: false myths

Usually, there are those who believe that men are the only ones who are interested in gaining muscle mass and there are still many people who consider that having too much muscle does not favor women. However, we must put an end to these ideas, but also with certain beliefs that exist on the same issue. Precisely for this reason in this article we are going to present how to gain muscle mass in women: false myths . We are going to put an end to absurd thoughts without a scientific basis, while we are going to put very interesting data on the table.

Why is it important to gain muscle mass?

Gaining muscle mass is essential for both men and women. And it is not for a single reason, it is for several:
  • To avoid that, with the passage of time, it becomes more difficult for us to carry out certain tasks because we have lost strength.
  • To ensure that we can maintain a correct posture.
  • To protect vital parts of the body, such as organs.
  • In the same way, you have to know that, believe it or not, the muscles also contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Specifically, it is considered to be an ally to deal with stress.
  • To ensure that we have controlled fat and our weight at the appropriate levels. Hence, it will be really useful to prevent the risks of suffering from diseases such as obesity or diabetes, for example.
  • It is also necessary to gain muscle mass to continue maintaining the greatest possible mobility.
  • Of course, to have a more toned figure on an aesthetic level.
Know the importance of gaining muscle mass in women In other words, it will be useful for us to enjoy a good state of health and, therefore, an optimal quality of life.

How to gain muscle mass in women

Once it is clear that it is crucial to have adequate muscle mass, you have to know how to achieve it. Well, in the case of women following these guidelines:
  • Counting on the advice of a professional who establishes the exercise routines to be carried out. Routines that should focus on both resistance and strength activities. Activities that, of course, will have to take into account the characteristics and status of the female in question.
  • It goes without saying that it is also necessary to carry out cardiovascular exercises that, in addition, will strengthen the heart and lungs while helping to burn calories.
  • In the same way, it is necessary to undertake a healthy, complete and balanced diet. In it, protein -rich foods such as eggs, legumes, nuts, meat and fish should play a leading role. Without forgetting that it is vital to maintain good hydration daily, that is, you have to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day.
  • Likewise, you can opt for the intake of protein supplements that are on sale and that give very good results. This would be the case of Whey Isolated Protein and Vegan Isolated Protein , which we have available at Be Levels .
Keys to gain muscle mass in women Complying with these tips, as well as resting well and being constant, will increase muscle mass in women. Of course, this has to be aware that said objective is not going to be achieved overnight, it requires time and patience.

False myths about the generation of muscle mass in women

You already know why it is important to gain muscle mass and even how to achieve it, so the time has come to go one step further. Now is when we are going to proceed to dismantle the lies that exist about the generation of muscle mass in women. And the lies are these:

With premenstrual syndrome you should not exercise

It is absolutely false that a female cannot or does not have to play sports when she has premenstrual syndrome . What's more, it is recommended that you do it when you are at that moment because it will help you, among other things, to release anxiety and stress, relieve pain, eliminate fluids and even have a sense of well-being. It is even necessary to know that there are scientific studies that establish that the aforementioned syndrome is more common in women who do not play sports than in those who do.

Weight training makes you fat

This is another widespread belief that turns out to be false. There are those who believe that the female hormonal system favors that women can gain weight by doing weight exercises, but this is not the case. Moreover, this hormonal system is not predisposed to the development of muscle mass, contrary to what happens in men. The way to avoid a 'bloated' image is to control your diet very well as well as your exercises and their intensity. Thanks to this, it will be possible to keep muscle mass gain under control and a more stylized appearance will be achieved.

Can you gain muscle mass without weight training?

Another false myth about building muscle mass in women is that there are many exercises that are not weight-bearing that will help you achieve that goal. If you want to win it, you have to lift weights, that's how it is. Importance of weight exercises to gain muscle mass in women

Older women should not train with weights

In this list of falsehoods we could not fail to include this other one. It is a lie because precisely in adulthood is when women need to take care of their bones. And for this they must lift weights and improve their muscle tone. In this way, they will strengthen their bone system, avoid diseases such as sarcopenia and may even reduce the risk of suffering a fracture.

Women should train differently than men

Many are those who believe that to gain muscle mass, men and women must train in different ways, but it is a lie. Weight exercises are the same for some and for others. The only thing, yes, that you have to adapt them based on the characteristics of each person.

Women can't take the same supplements as men

This other myth is also false. The supplements that exist on the market to help gain muscle mass are designed for any adult, regardless of gender. Of course, you have to adapt your shot to each person based on their height and weight. Hence, the supplements that we have at Be Levels of this type can be taken by anyone who wishes. We are referring to the aforementioned Whey Isolated Protein , which is rich in protein, which allows weight control and favors both muscle gain and training performance. This product, which comes in powder format to be dissolved in water or milk, is low in lactose and gluten-free. Also, it has its version for vegans: Vegan Isolated Protein . isolated protein supplement to gain muscle mass

weighing more is negative

It is a lie that women with a sedentary life cannot gain muscle mass. Logically, your muscles are flaccid, you have no muscle tone and are depleted of glycogen while you lack energy reserves. But it is no less true that the moment you begin to lead an active life and play sports, your muscles will begin to react. Yes, they will start gaining energy from glycogen storage. It happens that there are women who consider that when they start this process of activity their muscles have more volume and are harder. This is part of a natural process that only happens in the first weeks of training and in people who did not practice physical exercise. This situation in many cases leads to women who think they have gained weight and do not like it. But weighing more in this case is not a bad thing, it is a sign that they have gained the muscle mass they wanted. We hope that with all this information you are already very clear about how to really gain muscle mass.
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