Factors that negatively affect digestion

All of us at some point have felt symptoms such as heartburn, burning, a feeling of heaviness, pain in the belly or even gas. These are symptoms that show that digestion is not being carried out properly. Hence, it is necessary to resort to certain remedies such as resorting to the intake of supplements that facilitate digestion , as would be the case with Gut Day , which we have for sale at Be Levels . We suffer all these problems because we are being affected at that moment by some of the factors that negatively affect digestion. Don't you know what they are? Do not worry, we present them below:

Main responsible for poor digestion

We cannot determine that there is a single reason for us to suffer poor digestion, there are several. And among these we can highlight the following:

1.Intake of certain medications

It is true that there are some drugs whose intake can cause digestion problems. And this is because if they are consumed for a considerable period of time, they are capable of destroying what are the good bacteria that the digestive system possesses. Hence, there is no need to abuse those and neither should they be taken without a necessary medical prescription.

2.Drink alcohol in excess

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that drinking too many alcoholic drinks can damage our digestive system. And this happens, among other things, by preventing us from being able to properly digest after meals. discover-alcohol-negatively-affects-digestion

3.Eating certain foods

It goes without saying that there are some foods that can cause us the problem that we are addressing in this matter. These are products that can slow down digestion and make us feel a lot of discomfort, such as heaviness, gas, a bloated feeling, and even diarrhea and heartburn. Specifically, we are referring to very spicy foods, foods that are fried or rich in fat, and also sweets. The latter negatively affect the intestinal flora due to the amount of glucose they provide to the body. Likewise, it must be borne in mind that both legumes and even dairy products can cause the aforementioned symptoms. Specifically, these can give rise to the discomforts mentioned in people who are lactose intolerant.


It may seem incredible to you, but this problem also negatively affects digestive and intestinal health . Thus, there are many people who suffer from it and who find themselves having slow, very heavy digestions... And this is because the microbiota is altered in such a way that it gives rise to the situation that we are now addressing.

5. Not chewing properly

It may seem silly to you, but it is not. It is essential to properly chew the food we eat. And it is not only to avoid choking but also to have proper digestion. Of course, because if you don't chew well what is being caused is that the products we take are not crushed as they should and this will make it difficult for them to break down properly. knows-chewing-badly-affects-negatively-digestion


Of course, it should not be overlooked that having the harmful habit of smoking also directly affects the digestive system. And it is that it has been shown to demonstrate through different investigations that tobacco comes to alter what is the aforementioned microbiota.

Other factors that impair digestion

In the previous section we have revealed the main causes that can lead to digestion problems, but they are not the only ones. It is important to be clear that there are others that result in the same difficulty:

1.Certain diseases

There are pathologies that clearly and forcefully affect digestive health, to a greater or lesser extent, such as Crohn's disease, pancreatitis, having polyps in the colon, celiac disease, gallstones... For this reason For this reason, it is essential to be in the hands of medical professionals who know how to deal with the situation so as not to suffer the symptoms of slow and heavy digestion that we have already mentioned above.

2. Having overweight problems

Likewise, it must be borne in mind that those who have 'excess kilos' also increase the chances of suffering from poor digestion. Hence the importance of trying to maintain a healthy weight, the result of a complete and balanced diet as well as a life where regular sports practice is very present. knows-overweight-negatively-affects-digestion In addition, carrying out a sedentary life, drinking coffee, fasting for more than 4 hours, drinking little water a day, following a diet where fiber is not very present and taking usually artificial sweeteners.
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