Herramientas para revertir los síntomas digestivos

Tools to reverse digestive symptoms

As we discussed in the previous entry, where we dealt with the different tests and symptoms that can be used to diagnose a possible alteration of the intestinal microbiota , we should not be guided exclusively by its results. There are many false negatives, that is, people with normal results but with intestinal dysbiosis. For this reason, the most important thing will always be to evaluate the visual signs that the person experiences and then have tools to reverse the digestive symptoms.

That being said, million dollar question!

How do I resolve this?

Is there an ideal treatment?

Most important aspects that you should keep in mind

1. Restore the balance of disturbed pathogenic microorganisms

From my experience in consultation, I find a high percentage of people whose digestive disorders are rooted in the presence of chronic parasitosis. In these cases, it is important to carry out a good cleaning process, guided by a professional , in order to reinforce the intestinal barrier and work on collateral damage to your presence (intestinal permeability, dysbiosis , etc.).

2. Look at your digestion and correct intestinal transit

Another of the tools to reverse digestive symptoms is to be aware of the importance of providing a quality diet , free of inflammatory foods such as gluten, cow's milk, soybeans, cereals or peanuts. This is the first step to take into account to improve digestive processes. When the symptoms require it, it is convenient to carry out a diet low in FODMAPS , or low in fructose and other carbohydrates, while working on the origin of the problem with certain supplements that restore digestive balance. In these cases, it is common to use digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid in the form of betaine to ensure a good level of stomach acidity. It will help us to protect the intestinal mucosa and improve symptoms such as constipation , essential for the correct elimination of substances and, therefore, to resolve dysbiosis.

3. Control the exacerbated growth of pathogenic microorganisms that are part of the microbiota

The possible presence of a parasite or candida should not be blamed for all the symptoms that the person presents. Indeed, they are part of the problem, but it is their numbers and uncontrolled proliferation that aggravate the situation . For this reason, it is key to control them and give space to the muconutritive and immunomodulatory microbiota, but not eliminate them completely, since the imbalance could be accentuated. For this, it is key, in line with what was previously commented, to follow an anti-inflammatory style of eating, low in fermentable sugars (for a certain time), low in fructose (not free of it) and easy to assimilate , being the ideal hydrolyzed options. under these circumstances. In addition, you can resort to the use of natural antimicrobials , such as oregano oil, pau d'arco, mugwort or clove, along with other guidelines to control its growth.

4. Take care of your immune system to ensure a good army of defenses to protect you

A healthy person is born with their own defense mechanisms, thanks to the secretion of substances from our own bacteria with antimicrobial and immunomodulatory capacity. However, in a state of alteration of the intestinal flora, we observe a plummeting drop in mucoprotective and defensive-capacity bacteria . With which, this state of immunosuppression, linked to a state of inflammation, is what triggers this intestinal discomfort and symptoms of bloating, gas and poor digestion. Therefore, it is important to repopulate the intestine with certain bacterial strains through the use of probiotics. In particular, I use the following strains with my patients: Lactobacillus plantarum, Saccharomyces boulardii, Saccharomyces Cerevisae and certain Bifidobacteria. But watch out! , be careful with "self-supplementation", since taking probiotics without taking into account your context can aggravate the situation . In these cases, it is important that a professional guide you and recommend those probiotics that are suitable to treat your case.

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5. Provide sufficient amounts of key nutrients that are often impaired by insufficient intake or malabsorption

It is very common to find, as a consequence of a state of altered microbiota, malabsorption of nutrients such as zinc, vitamin D, magnesium, glutamine, as well as anemia caused by a deficiency of group B vitamins. We constantly see this in laboratory tests and, if If left unattended, there can be serious long-term consequences. They are vital for the proper functioning of the immune system and guarantee a good defensive barrier against the entry of pathogens. In this sense, the mechanism of action will be to improve its absorption by treating the intestine , while we supplement it in bioavailable forms, to ensure that the person is not deficient.

6. Your cleansing channels "on fire": liver and kidney activity

When we are in a process of cleaning the body, we have to ensure that the "exit" doors are working optimally . On many occasions, the liver is overloaded and does not carry out its detoxification processes properly. For these purposes, using herbs with a hepatoprotective effect such as dandelion, desmodium or milk thistle , while complementing it with physical activity and fasting , is another tool to reverse digestive symptoms and help the correct elimination of substances. in our organism.

7. Take care of your exposure and handling of the “stress” element

A stressful situation generates a hormonal cascade that decreases the defense system, in addition to increasing intestinal permeability. Contact with nature, breathing exercises, spending good time with friends/family, art, music... any activity you enjoy will be an important part of the treatment for a person with dysbiosis who is mentally and metabolically stressed.

Remember: we are the host of our microbiota and to improve our health at all levels we seek to be in symbiosis (good vibes) with it.

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