The essential foods to improve intestinal health

Intestinal health is essential that we take care of it and protect it as well as that we avoid the causes that can give rise to problems and diseases of it. And it is that if it is not in an optimal state we may have to deal with all kinds of ailments, such as gas, bloating and even stomach heaviness. What's more, achieving the aforementioned goal is also essential for our metabolism to work properly. How can we reach that goal? Without a doubt, one of the most effective and simple ways is by taking the step of including in our diet some of the essential foods to improve intestinal health . Keep reading and then you will know what they are.

The best foods to improve intestinal health

Enjoying a good state of health in terms of the intestine is essential for our quality of life. And, without a doubt, we can contribute to this by incorporating into our diet products as interesting, healthy and rich as these two that we present below:

1. Chia seeds

In Mexico is where the origin of these seeds, which are rich in fiber, omega-3 and also protein, is found. And for this reason it is interesting to include them in our diet for many reasons and, specifically, to ensure that we are perfect at the intestinal level. In addition, they also contribute to the metabolism working flawlessly. An interesting fact about them is that it has been discovered that they manage to satisfy our appetite, thus making it very controlled. Hence, they have also become great allies for those who want to lose a few extra kilos. discover-chia-seeds-intestinal-health


Like chia, quinoa is also an essential food for enviable intestinal health. And it is that, among other things, it provides proteins and fiber that facilitate the elimination of feces by properly regulating the flora. Thus, we can establish that it is considered to favor transit and, therefore, considerably reduces the chances of suffering constipation problems, for example. Of course, it should not be overlooked either that it contributes to keeping the weight under control and that it is even very useful to be able to have blood sugar levels within the correct parameters.

Other foods to include in the diet to have great intestinal health

Not only the two indicated products are necessary and adequate to be able to fulfill the goal that this article focuses on. There are others that are also and that we must go on to integrate into our diet. We are referring to the following:

1. Yogurt

If this food is interesting to keep in mind for something, it is because it is capable of generating a series of microbes that turn out to be very good for the intestinal system. So much so that it is considered that it can even help to regulate and favor the flora of that one. The microbes mentioned that, in the same way, become great allies when it comes to preventing the intestine from being inflamed for different reasons. And to all this we must add that this dairy, which can be taken in multiple ways, is rich in calcium, omega-3 and vitamin B 12. importance-yogurt-gut-health


Although it may seem incredible to you, this other product is considered to be able to nourish the intestine and that it serves so that good microbes for its well-being and condition are generated in this organ. But when including vinegar in your diet you should know that it is beneficial for more reasons. It is because it helps regulate blood sugar levels and because it is also useful to give a feeling of satiety. An advantage of the latter for which it is taken by those who want to lose weight. Of course, we cannot forget to mention in this article other foods that fulfill the same purpose at hand. This would be the case, for example, of the apple, olive oil and vegetables. With all of them it is how you will achieve that your intestine is in perfect condition. For this reason, what you should do is proceed, therefore, to find the best way to combine them and start taking them, if not daily at least quite regularly. Your health will thank you without a doubt.

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