Magnesium, what is it and what is it for?

Below we explain what Magnesium is and what it is for. Our body, in order to function properly and so that we can boast of a good state of health, needs its contributions of, for example, vitamins and proteins as well as omega-3. But it also requires having your daily dose of magnesium . Possibly you have heard a lot about it, but without knowing what it really is, what advantages it has or how to give it to our body. Issues all of them that you will now be able to know below.

What is magnesium and what are its functions

Before going into the matter, it is necessary for you to know that magnesium is a fundamental mineral in our health. Yes, because, as collected by the United States National Library of Medicine , it contributes to the proper functioning of nerves and muscles while keeping our immune system in top condition. But not only this. In addition, it strengthens the bones, serves to regulate blood sugar levels and makes us have energy. Without forgetting that it is considered to reduce the risks of suffering from osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and even high blood pressure problems. discover-magnesium-contributes-functioning-muscles

How to provide magnesium to the body?

Given the importance that the aforementioned mineral has in our body, it is essential that we have a sufficient amount of it in it. And this, sometimes, is not as indicated by symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, feeling of fatigue, problems with calcium or potassium levels, cramps... Among the main causes that bring about the lack of it, we can highlight everything from a problem with alcohol to the intake of certain medications, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases and even stress, among others. In these situations, you have to put yourself in the hands of a doctor to determine if we really have a magnesium deficiency. If so, it is important to know that measures can be taken to provide the body with the dose of it that it needs. Dose that in the case of adult men is about 400 milligrams a day and in that of adult women it is around 310 milligrams. Specifically, you can resort to two options:

1-The diet

Fortunately we must know that there are different foods that are very rich in magnesium. For this reason, there is nothing better than including them in the diet in order to end the aforementioned deficiency of the mineral in question. Exactly it is established that those who contribute it to us in greater quantity are the following:
  • Fruits, especially avocado and apricots.
  • The milk.
  • The dried fruits. Indeed, the most appropriate are toasted almonds, walnuts and cashews without forgetting peanuts and pistachios either.
food-avocado-contribution-magnesium-organism Of course, other products such as brown rice, spinach, beets and pumpkin seeds are also interesting. Without overlooking red meat, chicken breast, salmon and pure cocoa either.


In addition to food, the body can be provided with the amount of magnesium it needs through the intake of magnesium supplements. A good example of this is the one for sale at the moment at Be Levels . It is a supplement that is presented as "a mixture of three highly absorbable forms ." discover-magnesium-supplement-be-levels It is considered that thanks to taking it, which is presented in capsules, the functioning of the cardiac, nervous and even brain systems can be improved. But it is also that it helps to end fatigue problems, puts an end to migraines, relieves symptoms during premenstrual syndrome and is a great ally to be able to rest much better. Gluten-free, suitable for vegans and very interesting for athletes to improve their performance is this magnesium supplement that comes in a unique formula on the market.

Other Important Magnesium Considerations

Although the data that we have given you so far are the most important about magnesium, we want you to take into consideration others that are also interesting:
  • If the lack of this mineral is negative, so is its excessive presence in the body. In the event that he is too present due to the intake of foods rich in him, nothing happens because said excess will proceed to be eliminated through the urine. But if this situation has been reached by taking supplements, you must know that you can have vomiting or diarrhea. For this reason, it is always necessary to respect the intake indicated by the doctor.
  • In addition to the advantages that we have already indicated, you should know that magnesium is also a wonderful natural relaxant, as it relieves muscle tension that may be suffered.
Now that you know what Magnesium is, do you think you provide enough to your body?
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