Low sexual desire in women. All you need to know

Sexual desire is something that both men and women feel and that can fluctuate for many and varied reasons. Thus, for example, it is established that with age it can be seen to decrease significantly. But not only for this factor, there are many others that can cause low sexual desire in women . Today we are going to talk about this situation that is more common than is believed, but that is not usually recognized because even today in the 21st century there seems to be a certain taboo about it.

What is low sexual desire in women?

The first thing to know is what we are referring to when we talk about low sexual desire. Well, the point is that the female does not have intimate fantasies and does not have the desire to have sex, neither with anyone nor with herself. It is a situation that makes your mind and body completely closed to sexual contact. And this brings with it that she can feel concern and even frustration.

Main causes of lack of sexual desire in women

As we have mentioned, there is no single reason why a woman may have low sexual desire, there are many and varied ones, but now we are going to indicate the most frequent or significant ones:

1-Physical causes

In this section we have to establish that the physical triggers for a female to be at the point at hand can be the following:
  • Poor rest affects sexual health and can cause low desire. Bad rest that can be caused by situations of stress and anxiety, too many responsibilities...
  • In the same way, it can also lead to it that she feels pain during sexual intercourse. Pain that can be caused by problems with your vaginal muscles or by a matter of dryness.
  • The lack of orgasms during the practice of sex is another of the physical causes of being immersed in a stage of low sexual desire.
  • Likewise, it should not be overlooked that there are certain medications whose intake can generate the situation we are addressing. Specifically, among them are those used to treat depression.
  • Going through certain vital stages, where hormones live in a constant roller coaster, can also cause problems with desire. We are referring to pregnancy, postpartum, lactation, menopause...
  • Of course, in this list we cannot fail to emphasize that there are also diseases that can end up causing the aforementioned situation. This would be the case of diabetes , for example, among many others.

2-Psychological and emotional causes

Not only the body can cause a woman to no longer feel the excitement or the desire to be intimate that she had before, the mind can also contribute to it. Specifically, these are the reasons that can lead to being at that point:
  • In addition to the stress and anxiety that we have already mentioned, having depression significantly affects sexual desire.
  • Having low self-esteem, which does not lead to feeling comfortable with one's own body.
  • Being going through a difficult stage with your partner, in which there are many discussions, in which there is coldness in the relationship and in which there is hardly any communication.
  • Having had negative experiences in sex, especially highlighting cases of abuse.

Tips to put an end to low sexual desire in women

Women who at some point in their lives have to face little or no desire should be aware that they have tools at their fingertips to reverse the situation. Specifically, the most important recommendations to achieve this objective are the following:

1.Consult a specialist

Without a doubt, one of the best things you can do about it is to put yourself in the hands of a sexual health professional. This will be in charge of analyzing in your specific case what causes this libido problem and will also determine the measures that must be carried out to tackle it definitively.

2.Healthy life

In the same way, it is also established that it will help to achieve the established purpose that one chooses to lead a life that is as healthy as possible. And it is that this will have a positive impact on the body both physically and mentally. By this we mean that it is necessary to carry out a healthy, complete and balanced diet while exercising regularly. Of course, it is essential to rest adequately, to put stress aside, not to smoke, not to drink, and not to consume any other type of drugs. importante-alimentacion-saludable-acabar-falta-deseo-sexual

3. Have good communication with the couple

The low sexual desire of women can be caused by problems with the couple or can end up causing difficulties within it. For this reason, whatever the case, it is necessary to talk about the situation with the person with whom you have a relationship. It is essential that both parties make known what is happening to them, what they feel and what they need. This will be an important step to put an end to what is happening in sexual matters.

4.Take a specific supplement

In the same way, we cannot forget that there are special accessories for sale to achieve the aforementioned objective. An example is what we have in Be Levels : Sex Driver , which is ideal for both men and women and improves and enhances sexual desire. This without overlooking the fact that, in addition, it improves the mood and gives energy. descubre-sex-driver-suplemento-ante-falta-deseo-sexual
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