conoce cómo combatir la alergia

How to fight allergies

The arrival of spring makes almost all of us happy. We tell almost everyone, because there are those who fear it because during it they suffer from allergies. Specifically, according to data from the Spanish Society of Allergology and Chronic Immunology, around 8 million people in our country suffer from it. If you are one of those citizens, keep in mind that this article will help you. Yes, because in it we are going to let you know how to combat allergies .

What is allergy and what are its main symptoms?

The spring allergy that concerns us comes to be the immunological response of certain people fundamentally against what is the pollen that occurs in the highest concentration during the season of the year. This substance, which is part of the reproductive system of flowers, causes those who are allergic to it to suffer a wide variety of symptoms and all of them annoying, to say the least. We are referring to itchy throat and nose, conjunctivitis, sneezing, headaches and even coughing or difficulty breathing.

The best natural food supplements to combat allergies

Naturally, those who suffer from allergies do not have to sit idly by and stoically endure the aforementioned symptoms. And a good way to act is by taking some of the natural food supplements that fight it directly. These are supplements that what they do is, above all, reduce histamine levels in the blood, which cause the aforementioned discomfort. At Be Levels we have a wide variety of these supplements that can be crucial to achieve the objective around which this article revolves:

1.B Complex Vitamins

Get to know the B Complex supplement to combat allergies A lack of type B vitamins in the body can cause it to be less prepared and strong to fight against external agents that generate spring allergies and their symptoms. For this reason, the B Complex Vitamins supplement , which we have available in vegan capsules, is presented as a perfect ally against it. And it helps and supports the immune system. In addition, by taking it, it is possible to improve the health of the skin as well as fight against fatigue and tiredness.

2.C Liposomal Vitamin

Meet supplement C Liposomal to combat allergies Vitamin C is a great ally against spring allergies for two reasons. First, because it works as a natural anti-allergy and second, because it also acts as an anhistamine. This supplement is available in capsule format, is suitable for vegans, and is gluten-free. Of the same you are interested in knowing that it also helps to have energy, reinforces the defenses and favors the best absorption of iron. If you are interested, you can buy it here .

3. Immunity Booster

Get to know the Immunity Booster supplement to combat allergies In this list of natural supplements against allergies we cannot fail to include this other one, which forcefully reinforces the immune system and protects its cells. It will achieve this by reducing low-grade chronic inflammation at the intestinal level. Moreover, thanks to the ten natural ingredients in its composition such as ginger root, glutamine, L-cysteine ​​and N-Acetyl, it will defend the body from external agents. Immunity Booster is available in powder form, which must be dissolved in water or juice.

4.Triple Magnesium

Meet Triple Magnesium supplement to combat allergies You may not know it, but magnesium is a mineral that helps prevent allergy-associated fatigue, reduces the release of histamine, and reduces inflammation in the airways. For this reason, there is nothing better than taking it through this supplement that we have for sale at Be Levels , which is the result of mixing three highly absorbable forms of the aforementioned nutrient. It acquires a vegetable capsule format and also contributes to increasing energy and improving rest.


Meet R-ALA supplement to combat allergies Alpha lipoic acid is great to avoid being affected by allergies and to alleviate the first symptoms of it. For this reason, we also have this natural food supplement in vegan capsule format in our store , which also has a high antioxidant power. And to this we must add that it considerably reduces the so-called oxidative stress.

6.Gut Day

Get to know the Gut Day supplement to combat allergies To conclude this list, we want to introduce you to this supplement that, thanks to its ingredients such as ginger and turmeric, contains anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it can forcefully combat the most common symptoms that we have mentioned. In addition, Gut Day is also very useful in preventing certain food allergies caused by products containing allergens. Without forgetting that it contributes, in the same way, to improve digestion.

Other recommendations to take into account to combat allergies

In addition to opting for the intake of natural supplements such as those already exposed, there are other day-to-day keys to fight allergies that are experienced in spring. And they are these:
  • Those who suffer from it should avoid going outside during the hours when there is a higher concentration of pollen and when they do they should choose to protect themselves by wearing sunglasses and a mask.
  • Under no circumstances should washed clothes be hung outdoors. It is the way to prevent pollen from sticking to it.
  • You should not drive in the car with the windows down and you should not open the windows and doors at home to avoid contact with pollen. If you are allergic to heat, you should choose to put on the air conditioning.
  • The allergic person should not be in charge of taking care of the garden of his house.
Learn tricks to combat allergies By following all these guidelines, anyone can combat spring allergies forcefully and effectively.
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