How to make your hair grow faster

Hair is one of the elements of your appearance that you take care of the most and that you protect the most. For this reason, when any situation hurts or harms you, you worry about it and resort, for example, to subjecting it to a protein treatment or another to stop its fall .

But it can also happen to you that your hair seems to barely grow or that it does so at a slow pace. And this also has its pertinent solution. In this case, what you have to resort to, without a doubt, is to follow a series of guidelines. Yes, of recommendations so that your hair grows faster .

Do you want to discover them?

Keys to make hair grow faster

There are numerous tricks or tips that you can follow to achieve the aforementioned purpose, but among these there are some that are especially effective. They are the following:

1. Take supplements

Currently there is the option of taking collagen and biotin supplements that are considered to significantly help hair grow more and faster. And it is that different studies carried out in recent years have come to determine that low levels of those elements can cause the hair to weaken, fall out more frequently and even slow down its growth.

In the same way, you should know that at Be Levels we have an ideal supplement to achieve the objective at hand. This is Hair Support , which is sold in bottles of 60 capsules and which has nine natural active ingredients in favor of hair.

It is important that you also know about said product that it will not only help you achieve the aforementioned goal but, at the same time, it is useful to prevent hair loss, avoid the appearance of dandruff, give it greater strength and volume and comprehensively improve the health of that .

Hair Support Hair Supplement

2. Keep it hydrated

Another of the key recommendations that you must follow so that your hair grows faster is to have it at all times with optimal hydration. And it is that this is essential so that it does not become brittle, dry, look more like straw and break easily.

In the same way, it must be kept in mind that when the hair cuticles are open they favor the moisture of the hair to evaporate easily. A problem that must be solved so that it is in the best possible state.

What each person has to do is see what type of hair theirs is, if they have the obstacle of open cuticles and based on all this make a determination about their hydration. Thus, there will be those who only apply a conditioner is enough, while there will be other people who also need to do the same with oils and even with masks.

3.Wash it and stimulate it

An irritated scalp is a cause for hair not to grow as quickly as we would like. And the same situation is also caused by the so-called oxidative stress, which takes place due to the oil or dirt that is created around the follicle and the root.

To avoid reaching this point it is necessary to proceed to wash it regularly and to do it with soft circular massages. Massages that are clear that contribute to improving blood circulation in the area, to give oxygen to the follicle and to give it the necessary nutrients.

4. Cut it regularly

Cutting your hair regularly, specifically the ends, contributes strongly to ensuring that it does not break and, therefore, to reaching the desired length. What's more, you have to know that what split ends do is nothing other than cause their growth to be slower. Hence the importance of following this recommendation.

5. Protect him from stress

Stress, which seems like the evil of the 21st century, has consequences on many aspects of our health and our image. And precisely it becomes an absolutely harmful element for the hair, which can from falling out to losing life. But there is also the physical stress that is generated on it when using certain hairstyles, brushing it daily or showering it daily. Physical stress that also causes unfavorable situations such as those already mentioned.

How can you take care of your hair in these situations? Very easy. Taking measures such as ensuring that they do not get pulled, making hairstyles that are not too tight and even changing their hairstyle periodically.

Likewise, you must avoid washing it with too much force and always brush it from the ends upwards.

healthy hair

6. Make hairstyles that do not damage it

As we have already indicated in the previous section, you must take great care of the hairstyles you do so as not to damage your hair and cause it to slow down its growth, among other problems. Specifically, professionals consider that it is advisable to proceed, from time to time, to carry out what is known as 'protective hairstyles', among which are ponytails or flat braids.

The ideal is to change your hairstyle every two or three weeks in favor of hair health.

Other ways to make your hair grow faster

In the previous point we have come to expose you which are the most suitable tips to make your hair grow without so much waiting. However, there are others that will also be very suitable for you to achieve the same goal.

We are referring to resorting to antioxidants, which reduce the aforementioned physical stress on the hair, and to something very important: avoiding as much as possible the daily use of hot elements, such as irons and dryers, on the hair. And it is that these elements, among other things, end with the necessary hydration that we have indicated that it is essential that it have.

make hair grow

In the case of antioxidants, it must be established that a great way for them to be present in the body and favor the state of the hair is to eat foods rich in them. Among these are those that are rich in vitamin C and E including turmeric.

As you can see, there are various guidelines and recommendations to make your hair look radiant and grow at the rate you want.

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