Alternativas para sutituir al café

Better alternatives to coffee

There are those who feel without energy because they have stress or have a lack of nutrients, but there are also those who are without it simply when they get up. Many of the latter tend to resort tocoffee , as it works as a perfect nervous system stimulator. Hence, it helps them to fully 'wake up' and face the hard day ahead with strength.

But what can be done about it when said drink is not liked or cannot be taken? In this case, nothing better than resorting to some of the best alternatives to replace coffee that exist .

The best alternatives to coffee that you can drink

There are numerous proposals that exist to be able to get the aforementioned energy that is needed on a daily basis without having to drink the drink that has high levels of caffeine. But it is no less true that among the most significant, interesting and effective are these:

1.Wake Up Mood Supplement

At Be Levels is where you can find this supplement, which is presented in vegetable capsule format, which is ideal to start each morning with vitality and to keep stress under control. It is composed of elements such as Korean red ginseng, niacin, L-Tyrosine, the leguminous plant known as mucuna pruriens and acetyl L-carnitine, among others.

It is also indicated for athletes, it is free of gluten and lactose while it is suitable for vegans. And no less important is that it also helps improve memory and even raise the mood.

The container of 90 capsules is available for 34.95 euros.


I'm sure you know, but it is recommended that we drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day. The reason is that if we don't do it and we are dehydrated we can feel tired and fatigued. Hence, a good way to start the day with energy and without the need for coffee is by drinking a large glass of it.

3. Mint tea

In this list of 'substitutes' for coffee we could not fail to include this infusion that, in addition to being healthy, will help us wake up and get active every morning. And it is that we must not forget that it provides the body with vitamins, B and C fundamentally.

We cannot ignore that different studies carried out on this drink have come to determine that its consumption also helps to improve concentration and sports performance.


This fruit is also another perfect substitute for coffee because it can help us keep our 'batteries charged' without having to go to it. In addition, it provides a large amount of vitamins and has a really pleasant sweet taste.

What's more, you can also opt for blueberries that perform the same aforementioned function and that also do their bit to improve blood circulation.


Of course, it should not be overlooked that another alternative may be to include these nuts in the diet. It is established that they give our brain extra energy, that they keep us satiated and that, in addition, they are very rich in omega 3 acids, minerals and proteins.

6.Vitamin B

This vitamin is one of those 'responsible' for not feeling tired. For this reason, it is important that we eat foods rich in it to avoid this situation. Specifically, the most recommended are nuts, legumes, pork, bananas and salmon, among others.


This plant has been used for years in traditional Chinese medicine for its many benefits and is still used today to improve health in many ways. And, in this case, it must be established that it is ideal to give energy to our body at the beginning of the morning. It can be taken in the form of capsules or infusion, mainly, and it also helps to improve both concentration and memory.

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Other alternatives to coffee

In the previous section we have introduced you to some of the best solutions that can work as coffee substitutes, but they are not the only ones. There are other products that can also act as such:


From this plant a drink is obtained that is the most similar to coffee in terms of flavor. Hence, in times of poverty in the past it was taken, being cheaper, as a substitute for it.

It may not manage to give us as much energy as the other proposals mentioned, but it is the one that works best as a placebo for those who need to put aside the coffee maker for health reasons. Its taste and smell will 'deceive' them and will prevent them from missing the cup with which they always woke up.


This plant that is prepared as an infusion originates from Peru and has become an essential remedy against fatigue. This without forgetting that it also contributes to improving the adrenal function of the body.


The notable amounts of pinitol that the fruit of the carob tree has is what gives our body a significant amount of vitality. It can be taken as if it were a milkshake or chocolate and also provides vitamins A and B, and even protein.

As you can see, there are several alternatives that you have at your fingertips to fill the void left by coffee in your life. With them you will no longer feel that you lack energy in the morning.

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