Training at Christmas? Exercise your whole body without leaving home

Christmas is coming, and despite having vacations and more free time, many find it more difficult to train. Either because we haven't quite found the time, or because we don't associate exercising with "holidays", the truth is that during this time we lose control of our workouts . However, being close to the year 2022, if something is already clear and scientifically proven, it is that exercise is life! For this reason, I did not want to leave you without this wonderful alternative with which we find a balance between being on vacation and doing some exercise so as not to lose shape . By investing just 30 minutes a day you can prevent the extra 2-5 kg ​​at Christmas, as well as enjoy Christmas meals without having to worry too much about what you eat. Without forgetting that it will make the return to the post-vacation routine much easier and you will feel infinitely better. In this full body training plan we will work different muscle areas of the body, such as the pectorals, abdomen, lower back, buttocks, legs and arms. In addition, we will not need extra material. With our own body weight and a lot of desire we will have enough, which makes it much easier to be able to do the training anywhere . As I said, following this training plan we will seek to maintain that muscle mass and strength levels up to date so as not to decline during the holidays. The objective will not be to take the body to a very high intensity, since we also seek to recover from day to day.

Routine to train at Christmas - 30 minutes

Each round is made up of eight different exercises . You can do between 2 and 4 or 6 rounds , depending on your level.
  1. 10 open push-ups (with knees supported if you can't do them normally, remember to do a plank by tucking your butt in and not out - pelvic anteversion-)
  2. 25 Squats
  3. 10 wall push-ups
  4. 10 static lunges (first one leg and then the other)
  5. 5 Burpees (lie down on the floor and get up again)
  6. 15 Gluteal Bridge Raise (squeezing the gluteus well when you go up)
  7. 45'' Front plank with elbows supported
  8. 1' abdominal crunch
Remember to rest 1 minute between rounds and give it a go, you no longer have excuses for not training at Christmas! Daniel
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